10 tips to regain health

Imagine that your body is similar to the reconstruction of a new home when you’re researching how to detoxify your body naturally. Before you make the calls to your architect, contractor or decorators, what is the first order of business that must be taken care of first?
First, you must make sure that your house has a solid foundation, for you know that it would be senseless to build on an unstable foundation; therefore, to start you have to make sure that the basic structure of your home is as shipshape as possible before you proceed any further with construction.

Likewise, it wouldn’t make any sense to begin a body improvement program that includes weight loss without following a detoxification program first. What exactly is a detoxification program? It is a very broad term that defines the removal of harmful substances that do not belong in your system. A detoxification program can be practicing a diet in high alkaline foods to juice fasting, to exercise, to saunas. The important goal is to not only help your vital organs detoxify-the liver, skin, kidneys, and intestines- but to also increase the ability of each cell to release harmful toxins.

Ultimately, a detoxification program to detoxify your body naturally is intended to assist your body in getting all body processes working at an optimal level of efficiency. With your digestion, metabolism, and elimination processes working efficiently as they should, weight loss will serve to be much easier than when your body was in a state of a pre-detoxed state.

Here are 10 tips on how to can detoxify your body naturally and gain optimal health benefits as well as a more successful weight loss program.

1. Now is the time for a spring cleaning. During the months of March and April is when we usually get the urge to clean out our closets, garages, and homes in general. This is also a good time to cleanse our bodies. During the spring and fall seasons as the weather begins to change our allergies, sluggish intestines, rises in blood pressure and cholesterol levels and especially weight gain begin to occur. This is a good time to begin thinking of a detoxification program. Think of it as annual therapeutic ritual that is equivalent to a spring cleaning for your body.

2. Cleanse your Liver. Your liver is one your bodies strongest organs. This organ acts a blood filter and cleanser, breaking down substances such as drugs, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and fats. It also reduces stress on your immune system. To effectively assist your liver in optimal functioning , follow a steady diet of raw foods such as fruits and vegetables combined with lots of water, antioxidant vitamins, particular vitamin C, to help the body rid itself of dangerous chemicals. Also, combine a drink composed of three glasses of cabbage juice , four ounces of apple juice, three ounces of spinach or kale juice and one ounce of aloe vera. Drink this juice in combination with a Milk Thistle Supplement daily for one week every four months.

3. Cleanse your Skin. And excellent method of cleansing your skin is to through dry skin brushing. Use a soft vegetable bristle brush prior to showering on the fact, legs, abdomen, back, neck and facial areas. This will unclog your pours and allow your body to detox more easily. Also, exercise will accelerate your lymphatic system and allow more lymph to flow through your system, which will help clear out debris and toxins.

4. Three Day Bowel Cleanse. Sufficient intake of water fiber will help cleanse out your digestive system as well normalize blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, and bind and release the toxic chemicals that we digest. For three days follow a diet rich in essential fatty acids by eating foods like fish and raw nuts followed by high fiber foods and six to eight glasses of water. Also, an oil of evening primrose- 1,000 to 2,000 mg daily will help.

5. Exercise. Our bodies were meant for movement, and exercise is something that everyone can do to help cleanse their systems while putting into action how to detoxify your body naturally. Such exercises as walking, biking, hiking, jogging and other aerobic activities have been shown to stimulate the cleansing of the digestive system. Try to follow a regimen of exercise at least two to three times a week.

6. Listen to your Body. Always listen to your body when it tells you to go to the bathroom. If you ignore these signals it will only make elimination more difficult.

7. Eliminate your allergies. Allergies are not just an annoying and uncomfortable set of symptoms, they are also indicative of a body that it overly toxic. Try to seek out a Doctor of environmental medicine or an allergist to assess your allergies and give you remedies that will serve to eliminate or decrease them.

8. Using Vitamin C. Vitamin C binds with toxins, aiding in their removal. As a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C does the important work of stopping free radicals from destroying cell membranes; it also serves as a buffer to additives and acidic reactions in the body. It is recommended that during your bowel cleanse you take one teaspoon of vitamin c every three to four hours for one week. This will improve your expelling of toxins in your system.

9. Get into the Live Food. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains high in fiber content, legumes, and the right kinds of fats and oils. These foods will fill you up and are low in calories. Furthermore, fruits and vegetables are rich in phytochemicals, also known as plant chemicals that act as powerful disease preventives that evolved to shield plants from harm. Vegetables such as Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale and cabbage are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants.

10. The Sauna Detoxification process. Sauna Detoxification is often the best method for releasing deeply embedded chemicals from the body. A temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit will heat deep tissues so that the chemicals housed in the fat tissue start to move through the bloodstream, pass through the liver, and leave the body through the expelling processes of bowels, urine and sweating. It is recommended that you do two saunas a week, once every two months if you are cleared by your doctor to do so.

Once you have thoroughly cleansed your system and learned how to detoxify your body naturally and have removed toxins and other harmful substances to your body, you will have given yourself a clean slate of health, which will now make any dietary changes that you have made much more effective. But always remember that living healthy is a lifestyle and not a fad, so be sure to keep up your healthy eating and cleansing rituals, take your supplements, get plenty of exercise and keep regular appointments with your doctor and stay current with the many ways on how to detoxify your body naturally.

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