3 Apps to Help Plan Weddings

Before smartphones revolutionized the world, planning your wedding was a tedious task involving lots of notebook paper and endless amounts of writing things out by hand. Even if you used a spreadsheet on your computer to keep track of your lists and schedule, you still needed to dedicate several hours each day just to make heads or tails of where you were in the planning process. Fortunately, those days are gone and now you can plan your wedding in the palm of your hand using the latest and greatest apps to keep things organized. Best of all, since you always have your phone with you, you never have to try to remember something you wrote down because it is always in your pocket.

There are a variety of tasks that apps can help you with during the wedding planning process ranging from scheduling appointments with vendors to keeping track of your budget. Though every couple’s needs will be slightly different depending on what they want their wedding to be, here is a list of my 3 personal favorites that I use as a professional wedding planner to make my job a whole lot easier.


Evernote is by far my most used app as a wedding planner because it allows me to keep track of all sorts of lists organized by couple. That means that I can keep track of notes for each wedding that I’m planning and I never need to worry about getting things mixed up. Additionally, I can keep track of may master lists for vendors and supply companies so I don’t have to start from scratch every time I need to find a certain product or vendor. This is handy when there are different types of products available for a variety of applications. For example, sparklers for weddings are very different from sparklers made for other types of occasions, so I can keep notes about where I purchased from last time I ordered so I don’t have any issues having the right items delivered on time.


When you’re in charge of making sure that an entire wedding is planned and stays within budget, there are few things more valuable than a great accounting app. I use Mint because it allows me to track multiple “accounts” for each couple, and it also tracks the vendors that I’ve already paid and those who have yet to receive their payment. Having a reliable accounting app takes all of the guesswork out of budgeting, and best of all the Mint app is completely free to use.


Lastly, keeping track of all the appointments I need to keep as a wedding planner used to be a nightmare, but now I use the Appointy app and life couldn’t get much easier. Like the other apps I use, this scheduling app allows me to track my own personal appointments as well as appointments for each of my couples such as meeting with photographers, caterers, and other wedding vendors that take up a bulk of my time. Never again do I need to worry about booking an appointment that might conflict with a prior obligation, and the result is a less cluttered life and happy couples on their wedding day.

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