4 Easy Tips to Ensure Video Marketing Success

What exactly is video marketing? In short, it is leveraging the power of digital marketing with the engaging allure of videos to promote a business or share your marketing message.
You may think it is easy, but before you begin video production Singapore, there are some things you have to be aware of.

  • Who is your target audience
    Your Corporate Video Production should begin with your target audience in mind. The messaging, the style, the offer that you will be promoting on your video should resonate with your target market. If you are marketing to corporates, you can consider using Motion Graphics Animation. If you are marketing to consumers, a cartoon explainer would be more appropriate and effective. At Claritee Productions, they begin with the end in mind. Before we commence any Video Production and Video Marketing work, we always do a thorough brand audit of our customers so as to better advise them the choice of video, and the tone and style they should take. This will also affect the music and voice over choice!
  •  What is the goal of your video
    Is your goal to explain a complex product? Is it for internal communications? It is for a product launch to gain brand awareness? This will affect the type of video you choose and the distribution method. As you are undertaking Video Marketing Singapore you need to know where you are going to market your video. Is it through social media marketing in Singapore like Facebook and Youtube? Or will it just be on your homepage? We recommend that you consider paid media on social media. In recent months, there has been a shift in focus in the large social platforms to video advertising. They are going to make it increasingly effective and easy for advertising to use video in social media marketing.

  • Keep your videos consistent to get the best results.
    Videos are like your brand’s voice and personality; you can choose to go with a quirky, fun style or a serious corporate style. Whatever it is, you have to ensure that it is consistent. If you had undertaken a corporate style of video, and one day you decide to play it up and inject the funky, cool and hip factor into your videos, it’s going to confuse your audiences. Just imagine a tattooed punk with dyed hair and body piercings entering a corporate office where everyone is dressed in suit and tie. The style that you choose should resonate strongly with your target audience.
  • Be honest!
    More than anything else, people are looking for honesty. If you are shooting a video of yourself, be honest and sincere. People will naturally like and trust you and would be more inclined to purchase from you. If you are doing a Corporate Video Production Singapore, be as transparent in your offer and how your consumers are going to benefit. Focus on the benefits and the features. Explain how your consumers’ problems are going to be solved with your product. Be sincere and it will shine through in your video. State your intentions from the beginning so that they will not be taken aback. This will allow you to earn the trust of your viewers. People will then enjoy your videos and find you trustworthy.

Video marketing is incredibly effective in this day and age. Consumers are constantly bombarded with distractions and other advertisements. Videos will enable your business to cut through the clutter and reach your audiences. With the video marketing help of Claritee Productions that does Video Production Singapore, you can be certain that you strategy would allow you to have more leads and conversions. Don’t wait any further! Corporate Video Production Singapore will be at your service. You can expect high returns on your investment!