5 Cool Gadgets that Don’t Require Electricity

All the time people are inventing new gadgets designed to let you enjoy your comfortable lifestyle and reduce your impact on the environment at the same time, starting with dozens of cool gadgets that don’t require electricity.


Here are five awesome electricity-free gadgets to get you started on the road to an environmentally friendly lifestyle:


1. Sun & Cloud Camera

Invented by Superheadz Japan, this is the first digital camera that doesn’t require electricity or batteries of some kind. With a small solar panel on top, the camera can recharge itself easily as you travel. You can get this nifty cube shaped camera in either black or white.


2. Port Solar Charger

This nifty device has a suction cup on the back so it can be easily attached to your windows and a USB plug on the other side so you can plug in any compatible device. Your phone charger probably doesn’t eat up as much power as your TV, but being able to charge it without using electricity is still awesome. Plus, when you’re visiting friends you’ll never have to worry about where the outlet is again.


3. Soulra Solar Boom Box

Do you enjoy regular trips out of town? How about beautiful sunny days in the backyard? You might enjoy them a little bit more with some great music, but your normal sound system is plugged into a wall and stuck inside. The Soulra Solar Boom Box is small, easy to carry and produces great sound. When you’re roaming the countryside or sipping lemonade out back you can enjoy tunes brought to you by solar power, and it also comes with a lithium battery pack so you can use it inside too.


4. Waka Waka Solar Powered Lamp and Charger

Designed to be small enough that you can easily take it anywhere, this handy gadget can make it easier for you to read and charge your phone or iPod at the same time. One day of exposure to sunlight gives the lamp about 40 hours of juice. You can also charge it with your computer if you’re not in a particularly sunny place but still need a light you can take with you. It also has a unique stand that makes it easy to set up anywhere.


5. SodaStream

The SodaStream machine is a home carbonation machine that makes it easy for you to make soda. There are several different models depending on what exactly you want, but every model is sleek and small, meaning your kitchen’s size isn’t a serious concern when you’re thinking about buying a SodaStream. The SodaStream machines don’t use batteries either, needing only the CO2 they come with to make soda. Most models use BPA-free plastic bottles that are designed for reuse. Some use glass carafes. All can help you save money, use less plastic and enjoy homemade soda.


These five amazing gadgets are just the beginning. New solar powered gadgets are being invented all the time. All you have to do is pay attention and soon enough you’ll be able to enjoy your lifestyle without destroying the environment. Read also about Wearable technology.

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