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Male Reproductive Health: Ways to Increase the Size of the Male Member

The reproductive system is vital in the male body. The kind of lifestyle one maintains, food and exercises play an important role in the male reproductive health. For an overall good reproductive system it is advisable to have a healthy lifestyle.

The male reproductive system consist of the male member and other organs. It is every man’s desire to have a bigger and thicker male member. A large male member has been associated with increasing man’s ego and the ability to satisfy a female during intercourse Low self-esteem and been unsuccessful with women are some of the problems a man with a small male member is likely to suffer from. Techniques to increase the male member size is becoming more popular.

Male member enlargement can be achieved using different techniques.
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Jelqing is used in male member enlargement, it is a form of exercise done to the male member. The length of the male member size can be increased using this method. With this method a number of sets are done to a semi aroused male member to make it stretch. The semi aroused male member is held by the male using the thumb and the index finger and then it is stretched to a comfortable length. This exercise takes less than 10 minutes. The advantages of this method is that is safe and cost effective.
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An extender device can be used when jelqing, the extender prevents any pain been caused to the male member when stretching it. These devices are becoming more and more popular and can be bought from many adult stores either online or physical stores.

Pills is another method which is used for male member enlargement. Most people prefer using the pill to enlarge the male member compared to the other methods. They are many advertisements either on the internet or televisions about the different type of pills. The veins are enlarged by the pills hence allowing blood flow to flow into the body this results in the size of the male member increasing. Any male planning to use the pills should go for pills that have been inspected by the Food and Drug administration. Toxic substances maybe some of the substances of unregulated pills.

Surgery is another option which can be used, this method is not very common. With surgery the suspensory ligament is cut, this allows the entire male member to hang hence making it appear longer. Removing skin from the pubic area or other body parts and injecting it to the male member is also another option. One should be cautious when choosing this method since if not done correctly can result to deformities.

Losing weight is also another method that can be used to increase the male member size. Some of the advantages of losing weight include; self-confidence and increased stamina.

Most male enlargement methods are effective, however exercise and maintaining a good lifestyle is vital.

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