5 Tips to Help You Delegate Better

Successfully delegating a task to one of your team members without being annoying is a skill only few leaders have. It takes a lot of practice and skill to be good at delegation, which in essence is the key to being a great leader. You can’t just ask your team to do something big for you and expect them to do it. You have to understand their goals, what motivates them and how to effectively communicate in order to get the work done. If you want to be great at delegation, makes these 5 tips your mantra.

Ask exactly what it is you want them to do

Do not beat around the bush. Make sure the work responsibilities are very clear. It’s better if you set the milestones for your team yourself. Communicate openly and ask if there’s anything you can do to help them. This will allow each member to know their role. Set your expectations too. For instance, if there’s a new mobile application development project you want them to do, assign each member a set of task, as well as your expectation by the end of month.



Communicate how you’re going to judge the performance

After explaining the role, work responsibility and expectations, tell them how you’re going to evaluate their performance. What is it that they need to do to meet your expectations and go above and beyond. Most importantly focus on the benefits in order to persuade them to go the extra mile. It is also crucial that you set realistic responsibilities and expectations. Burdening them work which is beyond their skill set will only backfire.

Give the authority needed to finish the task

Instead of micro-managing and tracking every hour, give them the freedom they need to do their best. Trust your team and delegate them the authority along with the task. This doesn’t necessarily mean letting them do whatever they want, instead monitoring only the meaningful objectives. Give them enough space to make their own decisions. Provide constructive feedback and keep reminding them of the benefits.

Carefully listen to the problems that arise

If your employees are facing issues in the execution of delegated tasks, give them a helping hand. Listen to their problems and give meaningful advice. This will not only improve their problem solving skills, but also motivate them to work harder. If you think a member is not skilled enough to tackle the problem, assign the task to someone else.

Reward for a job well done

Once a project is successfully completed, reward your team for a job well done. Reward doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary; it could be in the form of praise, work endorsement or even a day’s break. Rewarding is hands down the easiest way to keep your employees from leaving. It keeps them motivated to work hard and look for the next big challenge.

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