6 Reasons Why Immortal Files is an Incredible File-by-File Backup Utility

There are hundreds of backup systems available these days, each promising you safety of your important files against all odds. But, as a number of recent unfortunate events have proved, most of them are not as safe and reliable as they promise to be.

Fortunately, Immortal Files can really deliver what it promises. With this file-by-file backup utility, you can backup your files and rest assured for real.

But, what makes Immortal Files so incredible, even though most of its competitors are just average?

Well, the following things:

1. It works on both Mac and Windows

It does not matter whether you own a Windows machine, or a Mac, because Immortal Files works with both the kinds of system.

2. It uses multiple backup options

When you backup your whole system, few important folders, or specific documents with the help of Immortal Files, your data is stored in more than one location. You can back up your data to the cloud, or you can back it up to a remote server. The backup system gives you the option to use Google Drive, SFTP, FTP, OpenStack Swift and WebDAV.

3. It allows you to encrypt data

No matter where your data is stored – be it FireWire, eSata, external USB, or remote storage server – you are allowed to encrypt everything and achieve peace of mind.

4. It lets you view past file versions

Immortal Files even enables you to view past versions of your files. You can restore a past version if you want to, as well. Other than that, deletion of the same is also allowed.


5. It ensures maximum speed

Even if your connection gets lost somehow, or your network fails, you can still get your files uploaded without any issue. That is because Immortal Files relies on a technology that scans only those folders that have been altered, in order to maximize performance. Whenever an error occurs, the system makes sure to restore from the error point.

6. It guarantees reliable support

Immortal Files takes support seriously. That is the reason why you are encouraged to post suggestions, reports, and everything else you can think of. The team behind the system wants to hear from you, no matter what you have to say.

Backup systems are nothing new. But, Immortal Files brings a lot of fresh elements to the table with its wonderful service. If you are constantly worried about the safety of your files and folders, be sure to check it out.


Website: http://www.immortalfiles.com/