7 Reasons You Need Tweepi to Get More Twitter Followers the Easy Way

Are you looking to increase your twitter followers a lot? Have you been fed up using crappy Twitter software services, which end up making your life difficult with unnecessary notifications and fake followers instead of providing real and unique followers?

Well, look no further. Tweepi is the most simple, yet powerful Twitter tool, which helps you get real and unique followers in no time. It isn’t like any other twitter tool, it has a complete and intuitive user interface, which provides you the user the opportunity to follow related users and unfollow the inactive ones. It helps you get noticed all over Twitter, which helps you get discovered by more users and hence, will get you more followers.

It saves you the time and money from going through the trouble of buying followers from shady companies who provide fake followers or bots, which provide no value to you. Also, Twitter is not a platform on which you can prosper by only having fake followers because it is the activity which results in the increase of your followers, fake followers and bots do no good to your profile account, activity and reach.

So, among the many reasons how and why Tweepi is different and efficient than the other Twitter tools, we have selected and compiled a list of 7 reasons which detail how Tweepi can get you more followers on Twitter the easy way, they are:

  1. Helps You Find Relevant Users: Search relevant users efficiently. Tweepi filters them by their @user’s followers, @user’s friends, interests, tweets, full names, company names, etc. Each search query provides you with a list of highly relevant users, which you can follow and they will eventually follow you back, resulting in the increase of your Twitter followers.
  2. Increases Engagement of Your Relevant Users: Because Tweepi makes you follow relevant users, it also create a social engagement between you and your followers by providing you options of mentioning them or adding them to a particular list. These actions make your followers return the favor and play their part for their profile engagement too. All this eventually helps you to create a great following.
  3. Removes and Unfollows Inactive Users: Inactive users subtracts the useful meaning of your total number of followers, they result in the decrement of user activity and eventually decrease your own engagement too as you may have less amount of active followers remaining to interact with. Tweepi’s helpful unfollow tool removes such users and unfollows them to keep your list of followers populated with only active users who contribute to profile engagement and activity.
  4. Makes Unwanted Users to Unfollow You: There are many spammers and undesirable users who use unprofessional avatars and similar things. Such users may appear in your list of followers too, which might result in the damage of the image of your profile. Tweepi helps you by making such unwanted and undesirable followers to unfollow you to keep your profile clean and invite likeminded, relevant users to follow you.
  5. Helps You to Reciprocate: Twitter is a platform, which makes you or your business grow only when you are active and keep the activity of your profile going. There may be instances when there are followers who you might have not followed, Tweepi identifies such users whom you have not followed and suggest you to follow them back. This action creates a sense of trust among your prospective followers that you will follow them back once they follow you.
  6. Helps You Get Noticed to Increase Followers: All the efficient work by Tweepi in the previous reasons makes you get noticed. How? Well, Twitter notifies the users you follow and/or @mention via email and mobile notifications. This happens due to Tweepi’s help in increasing the activity of your profile, which eventually gets you discovered by hundreds of thousands of likeminded and relevant users.
  7. Provides a Variety of Related Tools: Tweepi provides a bundle of other useful tool too, such as geo-location tweet search, user data filters, multi-account management, action counters, safe list users you really care about and much more, all of this just to increase your account activity and ultimately the number of your followers.


If you are looking to better manage your Twitter account(s) and get more followers by spending less time and effort, along with little to no investment, then you really need to consider using Tweepi. You can use them for free, but upgrading to the premium versions for a very nominal fee will save you even more time, make you more productive, and drastically increase the number of targeted followers you get.