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Why Wear Volleyball Shoes When Playing Volleyball?

For those who play volleyball, you surely know that there are only few pieces of equipment that you have to wear. You basically need knee pads, ankle braces, clothes and of course, a good pair of volleyball shoes. This means that these few items you ought to wear are very important in your game. Apart from that, it will be a good first step to wear clothes that are comfortable and stretchable.

Your ability to move quickly is one important thing to know when playing volleyball. To put it simply, whether you have to change direction as quick as you can, running without worrying to slip over or taking off quickly, it will be vital to have good grip and this is feasible if you are wearing volleyball shoes. Well in terms of different volleyball equipment you can buy, shoes are without a doubt the most important. These shoes can determine how high you can jump, how supported your feet will be and to how you can move freely and also, how fast you can stop and change direction.

Truth is, there are millions and millions of dollars have been invested to do research for volleyball shoes. You’d probably assume that they are offering some advantages over other shoes. Actually, that is true because most people who are playing volleyball often wear normal cross trainers, running shoes or even basketball shoes. While this is just fine if you are starting with the game, still it is recommended that you invest in volleyball shoes if you have the chance and money. The reason for such is quite simple, by wearing these shoes, players are able to play better.
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The light shoes being worn will create less resistance as they jump in the air for starters. If you pick up such shoes, you’ll probably wonder how lightweight they are. In addition to that, they’re designed with shoe pointing slightly upwards. This encourages player to stand on his/her toes.
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Volleyball shoes have great soles made from very soft compounds. It can provide the best grip on wooden and shiny court with this. They are a lot better for grip compared to other shoes for this kind of surface and that alone made the shoes worth buying. They’re designed with lots of cushion and spring so by that, you can easily jump and land without experiencing brute shock force that would exist when wearing other shoes.

You will know the purpose of volleyball shoes as soon as you pick it up.

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