A Superhydrophobic Wedding

Among the top worst things that could happen at your wedding has to be staining your wedding dress, but with all the food and wine going around there’s no guarantee you’ll end the night in all white. Fortunately there’s a new waterproofing spray that promises to block any water based fluid, even coffee or wine.

AquaShield waterproofing spray is based on nanotechnology and uses a science called superhydrophobics. The nanocoating comes as a water based fluid, but in that water is millions and millions of nano-sized polymers about 1 billionth the size of a meter. The water carries the nano-polymers deep inside the material where they bond on a molecular level
creating what’s called a superhydrophobic surface.

This form of waterproofing may be new for mankind, but it’s far from new for nature. The same water repellent properties can be seen on the leaves of trees, and even insects use superhydrophobics to run across the surface of water. According to Nanex, the company has used to nanotechnology to replicate these properties in any material from cotton to leather; they call it bio-mimicry.

So how well does it work? In this video from Nanex you can see a full glass of red wine poured across the surface of a seemingly normal cotton shirt, and then amazingly cleaned up with nothing more than a dry paper towel leaving no trace of a stain.

This is only one example of nanotechnology and as well only one product offered by Nanex through their AquaShield technologies. AquaShield’s other waterproofing sprays can be used on everything from shoes to leather purses. Using water repellent nano-coatings you could protect every aspect of your wedding from the mess that a joyful gathering
leaves right down to table cloths that stay white even after the meal.