Switzerland is one of the top destinations for businesses and tourists from all over the world. This is due to the friendly and safe features of the nation that has subsequently led to an increase in the number of businesses in Switzerland in recent times.

adauctusWhile having a business in Switzerland is a great investment opportunity, not everyone is able to travel to Switzerland to take advantage of this opportunity and this could be due to different reasons. thanks to Adauctus, you do not have to go through the stress of travelling all the way to Switzerland or even worse, miss the opportunity of investing in Switzerland due to one reason or the other as we have services that have been designed to ensure everyone looking to invest in Switzerland has an opportunity to do so.

The first of our services is the acquisition of companies in Switzerland. The acquisition service is tailored to help with acquiring businesses in Switzerland with excellent credit profile, ensuring a safe and profitable investment. From limited liability companies to joint stock companies, the opportunity to acquire your choice company in Switzerland just opened up.

Company address registration is another of the great services rendered by Adauctus. With this service, a business not particularly or physically located in Switzerland is able to get an address that is of benefit to the company. Zurich, Lucerne, Schwyz, and Nidwalden are some of the cantons and locations we register company addresses in. there is the option of choosing between a shared address or an individual having a mailbox and plate with the name of the business.

It is required in Swutzerland for joint stock companies and LLCs to have a council with a registered place of residence in Switzerland and the provision of this is another service from the stables of Adauctus. A reliable and competent council and director are provided, to allow for representation during business meetings and subsequent seal of business deals.

The provision of virtual office services is the last of the excellent business and success oriented services that can be gotten from Adauctus. Basically, this lets you get a personal secretariat to handle such business needs allowing you to focus more on getting the deals.

With such incentives as tax-related benefits and a secure and safe business climate, it is of great importance to tap into the Switzerland investment opportunity to grow your business and revenuew.


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