Add a New Dimension to Your Look with Contact Lenses

Although eyeglasses are fashionable right now, getting rid of your glasses can give you yet another option or look to experiment with. You can even try them for free. Add colored contact lenses to change the look of your eyes and now we’re really talking fashion and makeovers!

Advantages of Contact Lenses

Of course, there are many advantages to wearing contact lenses beyond just getting glasses off your face.

Contact lenses are better than glasses if you’re active because they don’t fog up, get dirty all the time or block your vision. They’re easy to take care of as well. Most people who wear contact lenses absolutely love them, so why not take a chance and try them?

Try Them for Free!

There’s really no risk in trying contact lenses because you can get sample contact lenses for free.

Yes, contact lens companies want you to try their brands, so they give away free samples and trials. They’re pretty easy to get if you just follow a few, simple steps. We have those steps available to you and we’ll get to that in a minute.

You can even try multiple brands and the advantage here is not only do you get several pairs for free but you get to find out how each brand works for you. Maybe one brand feels more comfortable than another or maybe you can have one brand in your eyes longer than another brand without drying out. With free trials, you get to experiment and do it for free.

Colored Contacts Are Fun

Changing the color of your eyes with colored contact lenses is something that’s really popular now. It might either be just for a night out on the town or for daily use. You can go with an enhancement tint for a subtle change or with opaques, which can radically change the color of your eyes.

There are a few cautions that you should know before trying colored contact lenses. If you don’t get the right kind, you could do some very serious damage to your eyes. This can be from an eye infection all the way to blindness.


We suggest you find out more about contact lenses before you take steps toward wearing them – either the normal ones or colored ones. After all, you do put them on your eyes, so you want to be careful about wearing them to avoid any problems.

Head on over to and learn exactly what the best way is to get free contacts as well as what you should know before you try colored contact lenses.

If you do try colored contacts, then please let us know how they work out for you and leave some comments below. And be sure to share this article with all your friends on Facebook or Twitter.