Adding new make-up to your cosmetics collection

Adding new make-up to your cosmetics collection is a way to spruce up your look and show off your own personality. When you want to get some new eyeshadows and blusher etc. and you want to try out some of those new beauty shops on the internet, it is important to know how to avoid imitations of the top brands before you commit to a purchase. By understanding the type of products you are purchasing when shopping for a new eye shadow palette or foundation colour online, you are more likely to receive a quality product that is to your satisfaction while meeting your needs.


Shop at Official Retailers

Buy the cosmetics you want directly from the official company that sells them or from an official retailer that can be verified as authentic. You can often find valid retailers and shops that stock the cosmetics you are interested in from each individual makeup company’s own official corporate website.

When you shop for cosmetics online it is also important to check various website’s return policies and terms and conditions before you place an order, especially when you are ordering the makeup you want from an unauthorized retailer or online auction website. Each website’s return policy may vary, so it is important to understand and know all of your rights before you make a cosmetic purchase on any site.

Read Ingredients

Before you checkout at the online store, be sure to review the ingredients in all of the make-up ensure you are buying an authentic product. You should especially compare the ingredients from non-official retailers with the official makeup website’s ingredient listings. Some ingredients may include harmful chemicals, which are not listed on the non-official website, if you are ordering imitation makeup which can have harmful or irritating effects on the skin, including irritation, redness and breakouts. When imitation cosmetics are produced, using cheaper and more dangerous chemicals are often the option to help with creating the product at a much lower price.

Labels and Branding

Check the labels of make-up and new cosmetics before you buy online. If the logo or label looks slightly different, or if the entire name of the makeup brand has changed by a letter or word, it is more than likely an imitation product. Manufacturers who produce imitation cosmetics are not legally allowed to create similar products with the same label or logo, as it is considered copyright infringement. In this case, the manufacturers then create “mock” imitation products that look similar enough to the original product to fool many into purchasing it.

Research Sellers in Auctions

If you plan to use online auction websites or resale sites, be sure to conduct adequate research on the seller who is offering the cosmetics. Check previous sales, reviews left by past customers and even the information listed on the company’s official website. If you are unsure about ordering from a retailer due to concerns about its authenticity, find another seller that you feel more comfortable with when buying your cosmetics.

Author: The School of Applied Make-up in Limerick Ireland