Advantages to using artificial wedding flowers

Pollen allergies are just one reason to avoid real flowers for your wedding. There are so many advantages to using artificial wedding flowers as real flowers can be stressful and problematic.  People choose artificial flowers fo their wedding for a whole host of different reasons. Taking the flowers abroad is a very popular reason but hayfever, seasonal advantages and price are other good reasons to avoid fresh flowers.

So, why so so many brides opt for silk wedding flowers when real flowers have such a natural beauty? Well, silk flowers don’t wilt and die half way through the wedding day! Hot weather and cut flowers just don’t work well together and the flowers will be dead before the wedding is over as the bouquets and buttonholes are not in water. They can even die in transit and wedding flowers will often arrive on the day of the wedding, dead and wilted if they’ve not been stored and delivered correctly.

Timing the delivery is such a critical thing with fresh flowers as you need to put all your faith in your florist to deliver the flowers on time. Fresh flowers need to be prepared just before the wedding itself, kept refrigerated and delivered on the wedding day. It’s a lot of stress and worry on the day as you don’t know how they’ll arrive.  If they show up wilted and dying then it’ll be too late!  With artificial flowers it’s not such a big issue as they can be delivered months in advance, giving plenty of time to resolve any issues.

Hayfever and insect bites other reasons why so many brides choose artificial.  Not everyone has hay fever problems but real flowers can ruin even your guests day. Guests sniffling and sneezing is something that can be avoided, and so are wasp and insect attacks! Artificial flowers are sure to negate all the runny noses and watering eyes in your wedding pics.


Artificial wedding flowers tend to be a little cheaper than fresh flowers but price is just a small advantage when it comes to one of the most important days of your life.  Good quality silk flowers will not always be cheaper than fresh flowers as they are a manufactured product, so they don’t grow for free in soil, they need to be made in a factory and it does cost money to make good quality flowers.

Real flowers vary in colour so no florist can pledge that your bouquet will definitely be a specific shade of colour.  Mother nature grows real flowers so there’s no guarantee on the colour.  With artificial flowers however, you have full control over the quality, colour, size, shape and detail of every single flower. Mother nature tends to make flaws and blemishes in her flowers too, factories do not!

One of the main advantages of using artificial wedding flowers is the keepsake value.  It’s nice to store your wedding bouquet away in a box and take it out in a few years to reminisce.  For all you sentimental brides then it’s a real plus point!

There are so many more advantages to using silk flowers for your wedding but you can read more about these here: