Alternatives to Rice at Weddings

It has been a long standing tradition to through rice into the air as the bride and groom make their exit from the wedding reception, but those days are quickly coming to a close. Though the celebration portion of this ritual is still in full force, throwing rice is no longer considered appropriate for a variety of reasons. First off, birds can eat the rice from the ground and have it cause complications that can lead to the death of the bird. Secondly, the left over rice will turn to mush and create a very sticky mess the very first time that it rains. Fortunately, there are some great alternatives to rice that can be safely used at weddings so everyone can still have a great time.


Birdseed is one of the most popular alternatives to rice at weddings because it is environmentally friendly since the bird will indefinitely eat it. This means that there won’t be any leftover seed to create a mess, and the birds will have a tasty treat rather than possible health problems.


Confetti is another [popular choice instead of rice because it is very inexpensive, does essentially the same thing, and comes in a wide variety of colors. However, some wedding venues don’t allow the use of confetti because it makes a large mess and needs to be swept up, so choosing biodegradable confetti is usually required if you go this route.


Sparklers are another excellent choice to use instead of rice at your wedding. Make sure you buy actual wedding sparklers instead of sparklers that are made for other types of events because they create less ash and less smoke. This makes them ideal for weddings because they won’t drop sparks or ash onto the bride and groom as they make their exit and you’ll get great photos because there won’t be too much smoke.


Bubbles can be a really fun choice as an alternative to rice at weddings; especially if you plan to get the kids involved. Blowing bubbles is very simple, requires zero cleanup, and best of all you won’t need to supervise the children while they play with them. If you’re on a tight wedding budget, you can even make your own bubble juice by mixing together water and dish soap.


Lastly, ribbons have become increasingly popular at weddings for a variety of reasons. First off, they are very inexpensive since they’re just a piece of ribbon attached to a stick. Second, there is no cleanup involved with their use since you don’t actually throw anything. Third, kids can safely play with the ribbons unattended. Lastly, ribbon sticks can be reused over and over, so you can either find some already made from a friend’s wedding or you can pass them on to the next happy couple.

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