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7 Tips You Need To Remember To Better Secure Your Android Mini PC

An Android mini PC is a pretty useful thing to own, whether you’re using it as a home entertainment center or an inexpensive device for getting some office work done. Whatever the case may be, you still need to better secure that tiny little Android box or dongle if you don’t want your private data falling into the wrong hands.

So without further ado, here are 7solid tips to help you better secure your Android mini PC from digital – and non-digital – threats:

  1. Install And Update A Trusted Antivirus App–a good antivirus app is the first step to securing your device from digital threats. Avast, AVG, 360 Security, Bitdefender and CM Security are decent choices – though there are many other antivirus apps on the Google Play Store. Some even have a device lock feature that will automatically trigger when a stolen unit is hooked up to an internet access point – perfect for thwarting thieves.
  2. Stick To “Masked” Alphanumeric Passwords – it may be more convenient to use pattern or facial recognition software to unlock your mini Android PC, but it is still safer to use complex alphanumeric passwords. Oh, and make sure that these passwords are ‘masked’ or appear as dots on the screen when you key them in. This will help prevent others from spotting your password as you key it in – which is a pretty big safety issue when working on a large TV screen.
  3. Set Up A Guest Account For Others To Use–if others will use your Android TV box or dongle, then set up guest accounts for them to use. Politely insist that everyone using your Android mini PC use their own account for their own safety as well as yours. If others must use your device using your account, then make sure you keep an eye on them at all times and log out when you have to leave the mini PC unattended.
  4. Always Remember to Log Out–speaking of logging out, make sure that you properly log out of apps and that you don’t set your accounts to automatically log in when the device starts up. This is especially important when others use your Android mini PC. After all, it only takes few minutes of inattention for someone to sneak in and access your private data while you’re not looking.
  5. Use Vault Apps For A Second Layer Of Security – if someone does manage to sneak by you while you’re not looking, or if they manage to actually steal your primary password, then a vault app will help thwart them by asking for a secondary password when accessing important apps. AppLock and the advanced features of some antivirus apps do a great job at this.
  6. Secure Smaller Android TV Dongles When You Finish Using Them – if you are working with smaller Android flash drives – aka Android dongles – then it will be worth your time to disconnect and safely store them when you’re not using them. This is especially important to remember when you’re living and/or working with lots of other people, especially since they can simply pocket the device when nobody’s watching.
  7. Encrypt Your Device and Storage Cards – many of the recent Android mini PCshave a security option in the settings menu to encrypt data on both the unit itself and external SD cards loaded into it. This is an option that will slow down your device, but it is worth it for sensitive documents as it effectively ‘scrambles’ data unless unlocked by a password upon startup. Skilled hackers might circumvent ordinary password protection, but it will be nigh impossible for them to descramble encrypted data without the proper password.


Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to better protect the Android mini PC that you use to work with highly sensitive data and documents!

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