Apollo Audio Lab Legend X1 headphone: A High End headphone that screams luxury

Article extracted from in-Forbes Technology forum | review written by Chris Malcom – Senior Technologist on 5 December 2014


The Good  : The Apollo Audio Legend X1 headphones is an elegant full-size over-the-ear  earphone that featuring a designed and built by the team themselves.  Apollo audio lab is the first company in the world to manufacture a full aluminium chassis headphone and every part from heaphone swivel to baffle board is handcrafted from aluminium blocks.   The headband is stainless steel electro-plated based on bridge suspension technology and fitted with a classy looking black Italian leather headstrap.   The ear cups are a thick luxurious memory foam protein leather-covered ear pads.   The audio performance and build quality are excellent; this headphone dominate most competitors with their monstrous impactful bass and sub-bass, deadly charming and accurate mids and highs that emit charming details from every music track.   It’s designed and catered for serious audiophile listeners and also home entertainment lovers

The Bad:  They are heavy and big sized ear cans that you would likely not bring it outdoors.

The Bottom Line The Apollo Audio Lab Legend X1 is worthy of its name, being a legendary headphone.   The sound performance, bass and clarity are out of the world , breath-taking. We are pretty sure they are the top 5 best-sounding full-size audiophile headphones we’ve heard in the last couple of years.


Our reviews:

Apollo audio lab line of headphones products are currently only Legend X1 and Legend X1 limited edition, but the company had some plans to launch a street wearable high performance headphones model in late year 2015.   Similar to Sennheiser street wear series – Momentum ,  the current consumer trends seems to  craves for a high-performance, audiophile-oriented headphone that’s are mobile phones friendly and also with other portable music players.

On that note, The legend x1 took a different approach to things.   It is a high end, mid price level entertainment designed headphone.   It looks like a sophisticated handcrafted headphone, premium Italian leather headphones over the stainless-steel headband and extremely thick memory foam ear cushions.  The looks are extremely distinctively Apollo audio labs and I believe they developed and design this series from ground zero up.   Using a large 50mm speaker cone and fitted with technologies such as double bass chamber system , 3 step resonance control environment,  the legend x1 has absolutely stunning bass and speed response for  all types of music and movies.   It works well with mobile phones and tablets and I truly enjoy every minute watching streaming movies or listening to a mp3 or Flac/APE high quality lossless music tracks using a portable device.   While this headphone may not be perfect due to their size and weight, they make it up by their robust construction and attention to design and details which make this headphone easily among the best-sounding headphones in this price range.


Audio performance

We examined the headphone audio reproduction with over 50+ music tracks from all genres – rock, classical, pop, instrumental, movie soundtracks and all our attempts to flaw the audio performance had failed miserably.   The headphone audio performance are simply awesome!    The bass and repercussions were deep, alive and powerful.   The sub-bass regions were incredibly impactful, it’s like having a mini sub-woofer over your head.  Every disco beat and drum beat has such depth and presented  us with onstage rock concert live experience.   Looking at the vocals genres, Adele and Charice’s songs were beautiful, stunning and warm sounding; it makes the other headphones that we tested look poor & pale in comparison.    The high frequencies were nicely matched with well-controlled, no harshness or sibilance in them.     Till today, the only flaw we could fault them that this is not a cold studio monitoring highly critically accurate headphone, which legend x1 was never designed to be anyway.   Legend x1 shines as a full-bodied entertainment headphones and is capable to perform excellently in all situations.

The legend x1 is nicknamed “The blue beast” for a reason.  The headphone is only available as black  bodied with a electric blue logo cap.   The Italian leather headband is black with alligator prints and that looks amazingly classy, like a pair of extremely posh gentleman’s headphones.   The entire chassis is handcrafted from aluminium and with stainless steel headbands which make this headphone heavy.   The headphone is a semi closed-back design that ensures good soundstage separation performance and the 4cm fat thick memory foam cushion offers amazing levels of wearing comfort and noise isolation when you wear it indoors.

Looking inside the aqua blue packaging box that it comes with,   the headphone comes with a solid robust looking 3.5mm jack fitted on 1.8 metre long cable.  The advantage of the legend x1 headphone is that the cable is detachable and audiophile may upgrade the cables to silver or silver-plated.     There are also other extra surprises, you get a clear acrylic headphone stand and a dust bag as well.   Apollo audio lab is probably the one and only company that I ever receive a headphone stand that comes together with the headphone.

Apollo Audio Lab Legend X1 Headphones is available on sale at Apollo Audio Lab Online Store.   Feel free to check them out regularly for any promotional prices.