Apple’s September 10 Event – What To Expect

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September 10, 2013 will be a day that all tech-lovers pay close attention to the announcements that Apple makes. Every year around this time, Apple has an event that usually coincides with the release of the latest version of the iPhone, a new iOS software, and typically a few other surprises as well. Here is what you can expect to see with this years Apple announcement.

Obviously, the new iPhone is the headliner of this event. Rummers have been swarming for months, wondering if this will be the expected 5S model, or something completely different. Furthermore, there are even talks of a lesser expensive 5C model that could be released as well. It’s widely known that Apple has lost some market share to Samsung and other smartphone developers, so what they do with the new iPhone could make a huge impression on the market.

Along with the new iPhone, Apple is also expected to release the full version of iOS 7. This version is said to be the biggest overhaul of iOS since iOS 3, which was 4 years ago. The new iOS includes a revamped multitasking system, new Siri operations, new ways to run apps, and much more. For those who already have an iPhone, hopefully iOS 7 will be readily available on the day of the event. But for those getting the latest version of the iPhone, you can expect it to be released with the new iOS.

Apple has been a bit quite in terms of any iPad news that could be released on September 10th. Some speculate whether or not a new iPad Mini will be released, possibly with a retina display and other additional features. On the other hand, a new version of the regular iPad could also be in the works. Either way, iOS 7 should be on the newest iPad’s and iPad Mini’s.

A new report has stated that Apple is considering now accepting old iPhone devices for a value towards a new iPhone purchase. This has just recently been discussed, but this is something to keep an eye on for that could be talked about on September 10th. It may be too soon to go into full detail, but it’d be nice if Apple gave some insight, before hoards of people go out and buy the latest iPhone.

Whatever Apple talks about at the press conference, you can bet that people will be watching and listening across the world. A lot weighs on Apple’s next moves and how they try and gain any momentum that they may have lost in the last few years. Keep an eye to the event in September for the latest Apple news..

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