Using Apps to Help Plan Your Wedding


Though there is already an app for pretty much anything you can imagine these days, there are still a few things that are too personalized and unique to sum up in a single app, and weddings are definitely one of them. Since every wedding will be based on unique traditions and affected by the personal tastes of each person getting married, it is almost impossible to create an app that covers every base. Fortunately, with the use of a combination of different apps, you can still plan your wedding with all the advantages that technology has to offer.

To accomplish this feat, you’ll need to put together a plan of what you’ll need to get done for your wedding to happen. Since this is different for everyone, that can mean any number of different collections of apps. To keep things simple and speed this tutorial along, here are a few of the most important and commonly used apps for planning a wedding.

Scheduler or Calendar

One of the most useful apps you will use while planning your wedding will be your scheduler or calendar. Best of all, almost all phones already have a built-in solution for this purpose, so you probably won’t need to go tracking down the right app to do the job. Using your scheduler, you can keep track of appointments for things like trying on your wedding dress, meeting up with your photographer, or viewing different wedding venues. Without using a scheduling app to help you keep your wedding planning appointments, you’ll be running around like a chicken with your head cut off.


SnapChat or another similar photo sharing app can be one of the most used tools in your arsenal. There is nothing like getting instant feedback about a dress or other item from your closest and most trusted friends. Rather than needing to organize trips with all of your girls to go out shopping for your wedding supplies, you can head out whenever you like and share a picture of anything you want an opinion on. This makes it like having everyone in your phone with you at all times and it really opens up your ability to find the perfect wedding accessories.

Price Comparison

There are literally hundreds of different price comparison apps out there, but most of them do about the same thing. Essentially, you can scan any barcode using your phone’s camera and the app will compare prices across several online stores. This can help you make sure you get the best possible price for a particular item. For instance, if you are looking for quality sparklers and you’re not sure about the brand you are looking at in a store, you can scan the barcode and see what the buzz is online. A good price comparison app can save you hundreds of dollars while you’re planning your wedding.


Besides the 3 apps I discussed above, there are countless other apps that may be useful depending on what type of wedding you are going to have. You can get apps to help you choose wedding vendors, research local venues, and even help you with choosing your wedding music, so make sure you take a little time to think about what you need and find an app to help you out. Though you’ll need to use a combination of apps to achieve your goals, you can still benefits from technology while planning your wedding.