The AR-15, The Shooters Ultimate Gadget

The AR-15 rifle is truly an amazingly piece of equipment and continues to be one of the most popular go-to-firearm’s among enthusiasts. Besides its impressive history, one of the primary reasons as to why this rifle is so popular is purely down to its interchangeable design. It’s impressive to know that almost each and every single part of this firearm can be effortlessly replaceable or modified. There is no other firearm that allows for so much aftermarket support in the current firearm market today. The AR-15 rifle can be configured effortlessly as both a long range precision firearm, or a close quarters combat pistol or even short barrel rifle. It can also be chambered for an abundance of different calibers. The original AR-15s and also their M16 counterparts are known as 20” rifles. The majority of modern AR-15 rifles in the firearm market today are now 16” or even shorter “carbines”. With fantastic support from aftermarket brands, along with standardised parts with their unique interchangeability makes this rifle incredibly popular with so many enthusiasts, worldwide.

Nevertheless, due to the countless accessories and different varieties of configurations for the AR-15,  many consumers who are new to the concept of the AR-15 often find themselves overwhelmed with the abundance of choices that they can choose from.

History of the AR-15 Rifle

The AR-15 rifle was originally developed on paper in the early 1950s by a Mr. Eugene Stoner. The AR-15 rifle was intended to be a lightweight 5.56x45mm version of the popular AR-10 7.62 NATO. The first ever AR-15 was officially produced in the early 1960’s. As the AR-15 was originally intended to be lightweight in the world of rifles, it also meant it would be able to shoot lightweight rounds too. This is so that infantrymen would be able to carry far more rounds when heading into battle or on patrol.

Which AR Rifle is Best For You?

The first thing you should first consider is, ‘What will I be using the rifle for?’. Depending entirely on how you intend on using the firearm will be one of the key deciding factors with regards to what style, options and features would be the most important to you. You should decide upon what type of shooting you wish to do, and what distances you will be shooting from.

The second thing that you should consider is do you wish to purchase an AR rifle that is complete and ready to go, or would you like to make one yourself. For beginners, the thought of assembling your own firearm may sound daunting, but in fact it’s incredibly easy and comes with many great benefits, such as the ability to customise your own rifle to the specifications that you truly want. You will also receive the additional benefit of learning how the AR actually functions. If you choose to assemble your own rifle, you might just be able save yourself money in the long run, by building something you want straight away, rather than purchasing new accessories and replacements throughout your rifles lifetime.