Are you as strong as you can be?

What if you were missing critical fix that would make you instantly stronger?

I am guessing that you, like most readers of this blog, put a lot of effort into making your body as strong as it can be. The truth is that unless you are addressing this one thing, you can never achieve this goal.

There is something making you weaker. It is invisible and exists everywhere you go. Protecting against it will, therefore, instantly make you stronger There is a simple strength / balance test you can do to prove it for yourself with no special equipment needed.

Some of you will have guessed that this is EMF (Electo-Magnetic Fields) or the electrical radiation coming off our gadgets and the related signals and power supplies.

Collectively we are moving out of the denial phase on this subject as more and more research is published relating over-exposure to electrical radiation and a range of health conditions including various forms of cancer.

If you have ever felt tiredness, irritability, and headaches after a long spell at the computer or are having difficulty sleeping – chances are you are experiencing mild symptoms of EMF exposure. This exposure will make you weaker and acts as a permanent stressor on the body.

We are going to need to re-invent our technology at some point to make it safe and reduce our collective EMF exposure to a level estimated at 100 million times that of just two generations ago.

In the interim, fortunately there is technology that works to protect and balance the body against this onslaught. A simple lightweight pendant is all that is needed to offer noticeable relief to those experiencing EMF-related symptoms.


If this wholes subject leaves you cold or you are still sitting on the skeptical side of the fence then you can always forget all the reasoning and just enjoy your extra strength.

If you are interested in how this works you can read further and watch a video here:

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