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How could your classroom be improved with a BenQ Projector?

Thanks to the BlueCore light engine, the BenQ LW61ST Projector is able to achieve optimised energy efficiency, projection performance and readiness. Additionally this BenQ Projector benefits from the BlueCore- enhanced SmartEco Advanced technology which allows the projector to further reduce light source power by up to 90%. This has the benefit of significantly lowering the total cost of projector maintenance and ownership. On top of this the BenQ LW61ST is completely free of mercury, making it ideal for a school environment.

But how does the BenQ LW61ST reduce its usage of light source power to such a degree?

The SmartEco Mode automatically determines the optimal brightness depending on the input source, this means it will maximise your power saving whilst at the same time delivering the best contrast and brightness performance. However, if you feel that the display is too dark for the environment you are trying to teach in, the projector also has a manual brightness adjuster.

The projector also offers the ‘Eco Blank Mode’ which will blank the projection screen when the projector is not in use, also having the side affect of drawing student focus back onto the teacher so the classroom session can continue without interruption. This ‘Blank Mode’ will also be activated automatically if the projector remains unconnected for three minutes or more. This gives the BenQ LW61ST the chance to save light power when it is not needed, meaning that ultimately the projector light source lasts for longer and reduces electrical input.

What does this all boil down to?

Due to the BenQ LW61ST being able to save light power, the BlueCore light engine has nearly three times the lamp life of a traditional mercury lamp. The LW61ST offers a much more reliable performance with the assurance that you will not witness a sudden drop in brightness, with the lamp having a life of over 20000 hours. None of these economical changes has any impact of the performance or clarity of the projector itself. The BenQ LW61ST still achieves a contrast ratio as high as 80000:1, resulting in ultra clear images and text.

The BenQ LW61ST is also designed to suit any space, the 360 Degree tilt projection means that the projector can be set up either horizontally or vertically and the display would still be viewable, making the most of limited space. The adjustable brightness will mean that the projector can be used in any lighting conditions, making the LW61ST extremely versatile.

If you have any further queries on the BenQ LW61ST feel free to contact us at AVpartsmaster.co.uk where we are currently offering this economically beneficial projector for 15% off its initial price. 

My BenQ Joybook 8100 showing the Dutch BenQ ar...

My BenQ Joybook 8100 showing the Dutch BenQ article. JPG version with white background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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