Beauty tips for fairskinned women

Having a fair complexion with sun-kissed freckles can be challenging at any age. Especially when it comes to finding harmonious shades of makeup to create a beautifully natural look. After years of modeling, acting and experimenting with many different looks, I found the solutions needed to create a flawless makeup finish, appropriate for any freckle-faced beauty.
The problem is, when selecting a powder or foundation shade to match sun-bronzed freckles, it ends up looking like mud has been smeared over the entire face. Conversely when selecting a lighter shade, to match the all-over skin color, it becomes pasty and looks postmortem/mime. There’s really no way to match either freckles or fair skin and still have the makeup look natural.

If lipsticks or eye-shadow colors are too dark, too bright or even too pastel they scream out “vampire” or “Elizabethan” ugly. And blush in any colors other than rich copper or bronze tones suggest “circus-clown” with apple-cheeks. That’s right, no deep reds, mauves, pinks or peach tones that look so good on everyone else. What’s a girl to do?


Although my career background was in office management, I sold cosmetics and modeled on the side. I was resident makeup-artist and model for many of the fashion shows and pageants I participated in. And I continued doing my own makeup through magazine cover/poster shoots, acting in movies and on television shows, albeit minute roles, with great suggestions from seasoned Hollywood makeup-artists.

The solution I’ve found over years of applying makeup color shades and shadows to fair complexions with bronze or copper-tone freckles, will work with virtually any eye or hair-color combination. Whether green-eyed redhead, brown-eyed brunette or my type, blue-eyed blonde. Freckle-faces need medium shades of foundation, even on the palest skin. It doesn’t matter if you prefer light-weight mineral powders, cream or liquid base foundations, you need to find a medium shade of soft beige, fawn or mocha. Just nothing too dark or too light.

If it looks too light and pasty on your skin try one shade darker, if it looks muddy go a shade lighter. When you find the correct foundation shade, go two to three shades lighter for an off-white cream concealer, touching-up imperfections and under-eye circles, before applying foundation.

Mix your cream or liquid foundation with a little water onto your fingertips (or sponge), and smooth it evenly over your face. The small amount of water will make the foundation glide over your skin leaving a silky-smooth, even tone to the most freckled of faces. If you prefer mineral powder, once applied, spritz a fine mist of water over your entire face to add dewiness.

After foundation apply only copper or bronze-tone blusher with a big brush on cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. A little will go a long way. Then apply medium shades of lip gloss, as tube-type lipsticks are not sheer enough for our skin type. And eye-shadow shades must also be medium hues of brown, blue, green, lavender, etc. Remember nothing too dark, too light or too bright. Finally your mascara can be any color except plain black.

Using the correct color-hues of mascara, eye-shadow, lip gloss, blush, foundation and concealer will create a smooth and even tone to freckled skin. And by using soft medium beige tones, mixed with water, sun-kissed freckled skin will look naturally flawless, ready for any occasion, at any age.

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