Beauty tips for late summer weddings

Summer is the most popular season for weddings, but the late summer months are often coupled with high humidity levels, frequent rain showers and intense heat waves. All of these environmental effects can take their toll on your skin and hair, so you need to be well-prepared for that special event. If you’re attending a wedding or are the bride during late summer months, make sure you take care of your skin and apply the right type of makeup by using these essential beauty tips:

1. Stick with lightweight foundation. Use a combination of tinted moisturizer and powder foundation to create a flawless look during the late summer months. This combination will keep your skin looking smooth and picture-ready indoors and out, and won’t clump or drip under the hot sun. This makeup combination also makes it very easy to manage last-minute touch-ups because you don’t need to worry too much about blending with a sponge or special applicators. Try a combination of Dermalogica Tinted Moisturizer and BareMinerals powder foundation to achieve your flawless look.

2. Use a heat-protecting hair spray. Heat-protecting hair sprays designed for women who use curling irons and flat irons religiously are also great for protecting those tresses against humidity and the hot sun. This is a great product to use if you plan to be outdoors for most of the day. Aveda’s Brilliant Damage Control is a great fit for all hair types and protects against UV damage while keeping hair looking smooth and sleek under the heat.


3. Stick with powdered eyeshadow. Even though a cream-based eyeshadow will create a bolder effect, it can also become clumpy and will disappear within a few hours under the sun and heat. Stick with a powdered eyeshadow that you can reapply as needed without worrying too much about smudging.

4. Pack some blotting papers. Oil blotting papers are perfect for late summer wedding attendees, because these will mop up any beads of sweat in a flash, without ruining your makeup. They come in little pouches and envelopes, and can be used throughout the day to keep your makeup intact.

5. Use waterproof liner and mascara. This goes without saying for the Big Day when tears are likely to happen, but just make sure you’re using a high-quality eye-enhancing duo to keep your look 100% smudge free.

6. Use a crème blush sparingly. When you’re going to be hot for most of the day, you will probably achieve a rosy glow naturally. Don’t overdo it by applying layers of blush to the apples of your cheeks. Focus instead on dotting the highest peak of your cheekbones with a pink or rosy blush, and blending it completely into your foundation. When you’re standing under the sun or are in a very humid environment, any cheek stains will be much more bold than usual.

7. Use a lip-protecting gloss over lipstick. Bleeding lipstick and lip liner is the last thing you want to worry about when you’re preparing for that late summer wedding. Protect your lips with an emollient-rich lip conditioner before applying the color, and then finish it with a gloss that seals the color in place. The best lip gloss will prevent any ‘melting’ from the heat.

Keep your makeup and hair looking great for that late summer wedding with these essential beauty tips. You can look forward to a fun and memorable day, and be picture-ready all day long with a few simple makeup trick sand strategies.

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