Beauty Tips to Apply Before Bedtime



Life as a woman can be hectic and sometimes even too busy to pamper you may think, but believe me, it is necessary to take care of you not only for the sake of your beauty, but for your health, hygiene and self-esteem.

If you spend some time every night taking care of your skin, the benefits outweigh the time you devote to this little ritual. Always remember though that the exposure to the sun, sweating and the exposure to other air pollutants during the day can damage the skin. At night, the skin is able to absorb the demand of the excellent skin-care products without interference by external factors. The pores of the skin are in need of special creams and moisturizers to be rejuvenated and repaired.

Here are some great tips to follow:

Never, never, never go to bed with makeup
• In order to achieve that young and fresh skin, use a moisturizer before going to bed for the night
• Use a scented lotion in order to calm mentally before bedtime
• Use a wide-toothed comb on your hair in order to increase to the blood circulation of the scalp

Makeup Removing

Make-up cannot last long , apply it when you start your day in the morning , but after a long day at the office/work when you come home tired, it might seem like a tedious task to take off that lipstick , lotion, powder , foundation, liquid eyeliner and eye shadow before you crawl into bed. You should forget any excuses and never go to bed wearing makeup. It is the worst thing you can do to your skin.

The reasons:

If make-up stays on the skin overnight it cause blemishes or acne
• Dirt and bacteria clog the pores and cause skin damage
• your skin will not be able to breathe well with the make -up left on it. It creates a barrier between the air and the skin blocking the natural skin’s breathing.
• The skin ages faster

In order to avoid skin aging you can use a facial cleanser to remove your makeup effectively and after that a moisturizer or an anti-aging cream as a beauty tonic.

Other tips
Avoid sleeping on satin sheets and pillowcases. Why this? It helps to avoid any extreme friction between the sheets, hair and skin. It reduces the chance of hair breakage and skin folds that can cause wrinkles in the future. Wear a lip balm at night. This protects your lips, keeps it soft and prevents stripping.