The thing about leading cosmetic brands is that most of them simply aren’t designed for Asian skin. Imagine a typical Caucasian woman: the first image that comes to mind is that of large pores, pale dry skin that is sensitive to sunburn (and hence freckles) and complexions which “mature” early.

Also, imagine the kind of weather they have over there: four seasons of mostly dry heat or cold. Not to mention prices that are tuned to affluent European or American markets. In other words, not cheap.

Now think about your own Asian skin. In addition to having more variation in skin tones and shades, most of us also live in tropical countries where hot and humid combine to open up pores and activate oil glands, producing excess sebum.

This excess sebum secretion is not a good thing. Excess sebum causes our skin to appear shiny, and results in a much more oily T-zone on our faces than women in European countries have.


Excessive sebum also clogs pores and encourages the formation of blackheads and acne in general. And with that, Asian pores appear darker. It is therefore easier for Asian skin to appear unevenly toned and blemished.

That is why foundation is so important to us Asian girls. But close your eyes and tell me how many make up brands you can think of which are designed for Asians.

Not easy, is it? You’ll be lucky to come up with even just one, but that’s probably because you are already acquainted with BeautyMaker, the Taiwanese cosmetics brand created by celebrity makeup artist Kevin Chou老師.

BeautyMaker makeup products are wide-ranging, and include foundations, UV primers and oil-reducing powders. Kevin 老師has a massive regional following on social media, not only because of his stint on the popular Taiwanese lifestyle program  女人我最大 (Nu Ren Wo Zhui Da) which made him famous, but also because his fans love his makeup tips and tricks shared via his online videos, which are fun to watch, easy to understand and have great insights on skincare.

His strength lies in his deep understanding of how Asian skin is different to Caucasian skin, and his brand of makeup is designed just for our skin types and weather. Plus, they are really quite affordable and value for money.

But enough about him, here’s my review of his most popular, best-selling BeautyMaker: the BeautyMaker Matte Cushion.

Why most foundation makeup don’t suit Asian skin

There are three things to consider: Caucasian pores are larger than Asian pores. Hence, foundation tends to cake up on Asian skin.

The weather is also generally less humid where Caucasians live, so it is easier to get their foundation to stay on their skin, since they are less likely to sweat or secret sebum which can both lift off the foundation or darken its shade.

Hence foundation designed for them is also less likely to repel oil and water or absorb them – which as you know is important for Asians.

Then, if you use a makeup foundation intended for Caucasian skin, you are likely to apply it using a sponge and pat it on. With a thicker formulation, you may find a lot of “dead zones” or overlaps from one area to the next, because unless you are a robot, stippling is not very precise and the powder is not light enough to start with. You’ll also apply varying amounts of foundation powder every time you refresh the sponge, which adds to the unevenness.

And remember how Asian pores secrete more oil and are more prone to getting blocked? The bigger particles of a makeup designed for Caucasians don’t help here either.

Why BeautyMaker Matte Cushion Suits Asian Skin

Kevin says his BeautyMaker Matte Cushion was designed to address the above issues that come with using makeup designed for Caucasians. So we Asians finally have a foundation that is made just for us!

First, Matte Cushion is designed to go on your skin perfectly evenly, as you apply it. The liquid foundation turns into a very fine powder within one second, and I was able to swipe it onto my skin using broad strokes with the included cushion. No more dabbing, no more unevenness!

Second, being able to use a sponge or cushion to smooth it on also makes it easier to cover my entire face and neck region with ease. The fineness of the powder covered my pores instantly, giving my skin a smooth yet radiant glow.

It feels incredibly light on my skin, with no sensation at all of “caking up” even after a whole day of use! For an even lighter touch, I used the BeautyMaker Photoshop Perfecting Foundation Brush to apply it – this is the first foundation I’ve ever used that can be brushed on!

Lastly, Matte Cushion is designed for oily or combination skin, so it mattifies and absorbs excess oil. I was able to spend an entire day out in hot and humid Singapore, transitioning often between dry cool air-conditioned malls and the hot and humid outdoors, without having to retouch my makeup even once.

BeautyMaker promises that the Matte Cushion will give you invisible pores, radiance, and an oil free shine for up to 48 hours, and I’m sure it can easily last that long, even though I’ve yet to try.

What to use with it?

According to Kevin 老師, the greatest threats to our skin are a lack of cleanliness, UV light damage from the sun, lack of moisture and excessive dryness, which in turn leads to excessive sebum secretion.

The Matte Cushion has no UV-protection, so it is important to use a sunscreen as primer, especially if you are going to be seeing the sun. Kevin老師recommends applying BeautyMaker Perfect Essence Sunscreen first as primer, using the BeautyMaker Photoshop Perfecting Foundation Brush to ensure complete coverage.

The Matte Cushion comes in two tones, Ivory and Beige, but at BeautyMaker’s 10th Anniversary celebrations held in Singapore, Kevin 老師also revealed a new shade: Honey. So Singaporean gals who love the sun or have a more golden complexion, can also have the perfect makeup foundation just for them. And guys can use it too!

Ivory and Beige tones also come in a special 10th Anniversary limited edition packaging (available online), whilst all three tones (in regular packaging) are available now at Watsons Personal Care Stores at Takashimaya, Bugis Junction, Suntec City, Jurong Point, Compass One and JEM.

BeautyMaker products can also be found at, the official e-store for the brand, as well as

At a retail price of $ 39.90 at Watsons, the BeautyMaker Matte Cushion is simply a no-brainer. You must try it for yourself, to see what “made by Asians, for Asians” feels like!

Product: BeautyMaker Matte Cushion

Product Volume: 13ml

Product Description: 3 tones: Ivory, Beige & Honey

Turns from liquid foundation to powder in 1 second, can be swiped on with a brush, cushion, or pat on with a cushion and applied with fingers.

Official Distributor: YuYu

Rated as one of the top 5 local Qstores in Qoo10, YuYu has been sourcing and distributing beauty products from Taiwan for the last 4 years. YuYu (pronounced yōu yōu) is the official distributor of BeautyMaker products as well as other Japanese and Korean beauty products in Singapore and Malaysia, through and