Benefits of adding videos to your Law Firm Marketing

Lawyer Marketing Expert Explains how adding videos can benefit your law firm in your marketing strategy.


If you have tried a lot of marketing strategies for your law firm and you still think it needs more innovative ways to perk up its contents, you might want to try adding videos in your law firm site. Good and high quality contents can help you boost your own firm website’s ranking but you should also learn how to be creative in terms of mixing your text and image contents with videos as well.

You can start by shooting your own video. You can use your own smartphone with a built-in camera or your laptop and tablet in recording your video. You can capture your own professional looking videos without spending too much on expensive equipment. Just remember that videos should be kept at a short time no longer than five minutes since most people have limited attention span and you don’t want to fill in your audience with too much information that might not be necessarily important to them or their current situation. You can also utilize some software in enhancing your video. Then you can post your freshly made video in your lawyer site.

There are many reasons why you should add video when it comes to legal marketing your firm. Videos are a great medium in connecting to your potential clients wherein you can showcase your expertise in terms of your chosen legal practice. Nowadays, most people are tuning in to video sites like Youtube. According to statistics more than 4 billion videos are being watched by a lot of people a day. This means higher chance of having increase views and traffic compared to not having any video at all. Not only that, you are also likely to be found on the first page of search engine results page (SERP’s).

Both auditory and visual stimulation can also help your potential clients to retain the information you shared on your videos. This means the more they are likely to remember you and your law firm’s name especially if they need a lawyer for their case.

Videos are most likely shared and have more potential to go viral as compared to other media like images says Qamar Zaman a Dallas SEO Expert who specializes Attorney Marketing using Google Hangouts.  Adding videos on website creates engagement which results in better SERPS.