Benefits of Game Coaching for New Players

WoW-Gold-USVideo games have managed to become one of the most beloved activities of people from all parts of the world. Each month, astonishing sums of money are given away as prize money in competitive tournaments and special events hosted by esports supporters and promoters. Despite the amazing popularity of gaming, the concept of game coaching for new players is still relatively unknown to the average gamer. Let’s take a look at how game coaching could be beneficial to new players and why it could easily become a real profession in a near future.

Everyone is familiar with coaching when it comes to sports such as football, basketball, or tennis. A more experienced player spends time with a newbie who’s just learning the basics or wants to perfect a certain aspect of the game. A good coach not only brings in his or her own experience but also an extra opinion and different point of view. These may be of critical importance for highly skilled players who need every little edge they can get over their competition.
All these things also apply to esports. It often takes a long time to really learn and master certain gameplay mechanics and develop the level of hand-eye coordination and dexterity required for competitive gaming. A game coach can help new players avoid making many fundamental mistakes and develop bad habits that, while easy to avoid, would be very hard to get rid of later.

Most games already have the necessary infrastructure in place to support this kind of interaction in the form of the spectator mode. This mode puts one player in the role of observe with the ability to freely float around the map, see what’s behind the fog of war, and get a good tactical overview of the entire map. In this way, the coach can easily spot many different ways how the player could improve.

Game coaching could be offered for free by players who just enjoy the act of helping others and sharing their knowledge and experience. However, it will most likely develop into a full-fledge profession with people working as full-time game coaches. They could spend their free time online studying game tactics and coming up with various ways how they could benefit their students. This would allow players to dedicate more time to practice and avoid the often tedious process full of trial and error. Professional esports team will probably have their own coaches, just like sports teams of today. These coaches are likely to become celebrities and receive great financial compensation for their important role. Because the job of coaching relies on a different skillset than the actual act of playing the game, it’s not necessary for coaches to be highly ranked players themselves. What they need are a great tactical thinking and excellent management skills. They would become a modern-day equivalent of army leaders leading troops into a battle.