BFIT108 is The APP To Get Your Mojo Back In Shape

As a single parent entering into the world of dating again; I am now faced with the struggle of getting myself into shape physically while taking care of my children. Time and money are not on any single parent side.

BFIT108 is a 10 minute workout that you do for 8 weeks, real simple just follow the exercises after you take your assessment. The APP also comes with 20 minute meals (and shopping lists) that cost $6-$8 and you can make in 20 minutes. After your first week of workouts your rewarded with another week of of recipes and exercises that get slowly more intense. The workout is designed for you to a serious workout in week 8; 10 minutes of non stop exercise.

The initial trial according to their website you lose on average 5lbs. Over the course of 8 weeks participants lost 12lbs on average for just an 8 week program that takes 10 minutes a day for 6 days and 8 weeks…incredible.

The workout was designed to change your habits of not working to working out. We would never leave our house without brushing our teethe in the morning; because we were taught that as a healthy habit. Bfit108 teaches us to never leave your home without performing your BFIT108 ten minute workout.

Take it from this single parent; working out ten minutes in the morning before my kids are awake allows me to feel amazing; accomplished and full of energy. I’m ready to take on the day and get back out into dating, feeling and looking great.

The challenge is 10 minutes and 8 weeks but give it a shot and you’ll see amazing results in just 4 weeks.

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