The Birth of Socialyk and Convask: Producing Business Intelligence and Work Efficiency

Think of a way of doing things that is fast, upbeat and real time, saving you money and energy.  That is what Intelliber brings to you on its websites by way of two great services:  Socialyk and Convask.

Socialyk is the world’s first artificially intelligent and consumer behavior based networking platform.  Socialyk revolves around various individual and sociological factors that decide how a market functions and how a consumer is influenced. Users are able to interact on the basis of their identical sociological factors and skills. Simulations, analysis and social factors act as a conversation enabler within the website. Socialyk ensures better alignment of your product marketing strategies on a social level, allowing for real time updates on competing products in the market place, psychology of consumers, purchasing groups etc.

In simple terms, Socialyk will help you converse on business in a simple social way, with helpful market indicators that will enhance your product or service sales.  With Socialyk’s inter-related knowledge system, users are able to connect with each other where their own network determines and influences the way they go about engaging in business, applying for a new job and so on.  With Socialyk, you can have research intelligence available by default for any new job you might be applying for, or you can have new skills for better professional life.

Then there’s Convask. Convask is a full-funnel project management software for companies of all sizes. Convask offers online collaboration to thousands of virtually located offices globally. Convask eliminates the need for frequent email updates subsequently helping you manage projects, workforce, teams, reports and various departments. In brief, it is a time-saving, real-time enabled approach to conversation, tasks, and activities, projects, planning and tracking within every organization. This software is helping thousands of teams get behind the project framework and organizational vision in real-time. Convask helps companies eliminate the practice of non-metric defined success parameters in addition to lack of approval mechanism.

To put it even more simply, Convask is allowing companies to work faster and efficiently. Everything happening within the company is communicated to team members in real-time. With Convask, C level employees can track everything from various report generation facilities integrated in its project management solution. Convask is easily scalable and can be integrated with various products for teams like sales, accounting, marketing etc.

Convask is a truly dynamic project management, conversation management, task management and business management software. Convask is helping companies meet the challenges of virtualization, employing and managing staff who work remotely from various locations in the world.

But don’t take only our word for it.  As a company operating out of New York, USA, Intelliber INC has been shortlisted recently as one of the “50 Most Promising Companies in USA” by CIO Review magazine. But we are reaching the world. We are proud of our services and invite you to come on board.

You can enjoy the twin benefits of Socialyk and Convask by visiting and registering on  and