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The Bitcoin Credit/Debit card is finally here!

Yes, a true revolution! Or, wait, wasn’t Bitcoin itself a revolution? Yes, sure enough, and here is why things are getting even hotter now! With the possible implementation of the Bitcoin debit/credit card; everyone will finally be able to use Bitcoin regularly, and in fashion – unlike until now; when we had to go through a complex procedure to get our coins out in the real world. But what is this all about?

It’s about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, being the baseline crypto-currency; invented a few years ago, which cost virtually almost nothing at the beginning. At that time, the first pizza was bought with Bitcoins for about 20,000 of them. But things have changed. Bitcoin, just one of them, costs about 450 dollars at the time when this article is written (September 2014). And this price may go down or up – sure thing is, nobody knows. But with the more services invented around Bitcoin; and with it becoming more and more widely accepted at many places in our daily lives;  it’s price is more likely to only go up. Especially with the possible invention of the Bitcoin debit/credit card. Why, you ask?

Well, until now, withdrawing Bitcoins was in one way or another, complicated.

True that is! One had to usually go to a specific website, transfer their Bitcoins over there in a virtual wallet, register and verify their identity, then transfer the coins to their bank account, which took days in most cases. Some Bitcoin ATM’s came around; but most of them would only allow us to actually purchase more Bitcoins right away; but not to withdraw them and use them for something in our daily routine as regular cash. Some places started accepting Bitcoin – to make happy all Bitcoin users; as this was the easiest, and most direct way to spend our currency for something real like food or services. But those places are still very limited and are considered a specialty; not the norm.

So, what can be done about it?

A revolution, by all means! The Bitcoin debit/credit card; on which a team is already working with true passion, would allow anyone to actually keep coins in their virtual Wallet (nothing new) but connect to a physical Bitcoin debit/credit card and then go ahead and shop with that card anywhere where a normal debit/credit card is accepted. True joy! This invention will enable anyone to use Bitcoins – even grandma; so we can, I guess, call it “grandma-approved”.

So what? I was able to pay with Bitcoins already!

True that, but once again, only at a limited number of places; and then, for the rest of the world; you have had to go through one or another complex withdrawal system. As soon as the Bitcoin debit/credit card comes around, Bitcoins will become much more handy/useful/liquid and may go in everyone’s wallet perhaps even in a pinch. And guess what that means? The price of Bitcoin would naturally go up too; because the more people buy and own Bitcoins within the system; the higher the prices goes, as the Bitcoin economy grows. Simply genius! More info and/or help our friends at

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