24/7 DNS: An Overview Of An Innovative Cloud-Based Security Solution

A DNS or Domain Name Server is a hierarchal directory of domain names with its respective Internet Protocol (IP) address, or series of numbers, for computers – like a phone book or a GPS system for the Internet. It makes it easier for users and machines to remember and access sites based on the assigned IP address.

The DNS was designed in 1983 and updated in 1987 by RFCs 882 and 883. Over time, DNS was fine-tuned even more and today, a new cloud-based solution is available that provides outstanding security and safety support for all Internet users.

Your Friend or Your Foe?

The DNS system has often been likened to “friend or foe” because when it works, it’s great but when it doesn’t work, it will leave you empty, frustrated, and ready to scream because you cannot access anything online, including sending email or playing online games.

One of the critical problems with DNS is viruses posing as DNS issues. You can get a hint of it happening when you are redirected elsewhere. This particular problem is called DNS poisoning through spoofing and you can liken it to hacking. In 2010, a massive case of DNS spoofing hit China and US because of incorrect DNS records. To make a long story short, the problem circled the globe and caused many to be denied access to websites.

Some of the other DNS poisoning tactics and tricks are:

  • Man-in-the-middle poisoning attack
  • DNS cache poisoning attack like the 2008 Kaminsky attack
  • Compromised DNS server
  • Falsely representing oneself as a DNS base station

However, this is far from being the complete list of what can go wrong with your Internet provider’s DNS system

The Better Solution

24/7 DNS is a newly established company with the ultimate goal of safe and efficient Internet use for all. This meant creating a product that was fast, secure, and better than anything else in the market at any time, present or future.

It aims to be a pioneer in providing an effective and secure cloud-based alternative to DNS servers that fall short of their promises. It isn’t a run-of-the-mill operation that will stop only with filtering malware and unwanted websites. 24/7 DNS is taking the initiative to push the envelope, be innovative, and fearless.


What 24/7 DNS Has That Will Your Browsing Experience Better

A DNS service should be able to block malware and unwanted websites such as pornographic material as defined by a user. The basic principle is security and protected against unwanted intrusion into one’s online activities.

24/7 DNS (http://247dns.com/ ) will do all that and much more. The men and women behind the product aren’t waiting around to respond to a situation; they are anticipating problems and doing it the smart way. Just like what any experienced and intellectual professional team would do, they have a security solution that can make informed analysis and recommendations on the direction to take in order to avoid messy errors and malware from affecting online use.

There are 2 kinds of geniuses in the world: the ones who create something new to simplify and make life more comfortable and the ones who create something to mess up what is already fixed – for personal gain. 24/7 DNS has the kind of genius that helps people feel secure and safe. The company prevents the second type of genius from eroding one’s confidence in cloud-based computing and Internet browsing experience.

Their innovations include but are not limited to:

  • Preventing threats even before they are launched
  • A worldwide network infrastructure with perfect uptime and able to cover all devices anywhere in the world with no added latency
  • World class encryption service
  • A system that will maintain and check cache so it stays updated

DNS service is not just about basic filtering; it should go beyond that and be smart enough to literally see into the future of Internet use so no one gets caught by surprise – at least no one using 24/7 DNS.

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