Gifts for baby showers

You haven’t seen a close friend of yours and word just came to you that she’s already expecting a baby. She invited you to come over for a baby shower. You got so excited to see her again and want to give her something special that will definitely stand out among the rest. But the problem is you don’t know exactly what unique gift to bring for the baby shower.
Before, baby showers were traditional gatherings where female friends and relatives of the would-be parents come together to welcome the first-born. These women share wisdom and advice to help the future mom become more prepared in parenting. Gifts are also presented in this kind of occasion. Through time, a lot has changed. Even the male friends and relatives can come over a baby shower and give gifts as well. Obviously, these days, you can expect a lot of gifts to be brought to a baby shower.

If you have been informed long before the actual day of the party, then you are lucky to have enough time to prepare and plan a unique baby shower gift to bring. Choices for baby shower gifts are like a long parade and you can end up confused and frustrated in coming up with a unique one. Although it is not necessary to spend a lot on a baby shower gift, you should still be prepared to spend a considerable amount if you are trying to find something unique.

Here are 5 unique gift ideas you could use for a baby shower:

1. A Shelf of Children’s Books ‘” A single book can earn you thanks. A set of classic stories is impressive. But a whole shelf is a very thoughtful gift that will give the new mom plenty of reading material. Your would-be parent friend will get excited to read those stories to her baby and increase their bond together.

2. Outdoor Fun Kit ‘” First time parents are expected to be excited all the time with their baby. In their first months as a family, you can expect a lot of outdoor activities. And to avoid any mishaps, your outdoor fun kit can do the rest of the job. You can include in your kit some diapers and wipes, an extra set of baby outfits, some rattles, mom’s extra shirt, a face towel, a small notebook and a pen.

3. Bigger Sized Clothes ‘” It’s pretty sure that even days before the baby shower, the future parents are already flooded with baby clothing gifts. Baby clothes is considered as an all time gift favorite but you can still stand out by giving some in larger fits.

4. Organize a group of friends to commit for a much bigger and extra special gift – With your friends committed to spend some amount for a group gift, you can give almost anything that the future parents might need. But before anything else, you should first consider knowing what the future parents already have and what they still need to have.

5. The future mom also deserves to receive a gift ‘” a baby shower will be full of gifts for the baby but the mom is more likely to be left out. You may surprise the mom with scented lotions, a new book from her favorite author, a gift certificate from a spa or massage parlor or a pedicure/manicure set.

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