Baskaran Allirajah: Top MVNO Entrepreneur

Baskaran Allirajah was born in Sri Lanka in 1966 and migrated to Europe as a young boy in the 80s. He was 17 when he got to France and worked his way up from his migrant roots to become a successful entrepreneur.

Having made a start with entrepreneurial projects, Baskaran Allirajah migrated to the United Kingdom. Seeing potential for the immigrant population in the telecommunication field after deregulation of the sector, he decided that it was an area where he could benefit others like him the most.

Immigrants into the UK needing to keep in touch with their originating countries usually find call rates charged by established players to be prohibitively high. It was this group of people, with stories so like his own, that Baskaran Allirajah wanted to benefit.

Mundio Mobile Limited and Vectone Mobile Limited, both of which were founded by him, were born out of this inspiration. Baskaran Allirajah pioneered the low-cost model in international calling and built it up to a global business. Leveraging the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) model, the company is able to offer flexible and scalable plans to the end-user.

The Group, founded in 1999, has grown to include these following under the Mundio umbrella:

  • Vectone Mobile
  • Delight Mobile
  • Chillitalk
  • Vectone Cloud
  • Vectone Business
  • Unitedfone
  • Gocheep Mobile

Starting as a calling card provide, Vectone has evolved into the MVNO based mobile services. By disrupting the market run by large telecom MNCs, Vectone and Delight forced everyone to take a relook at the business model, benefitting the end-user, the consumer, in the process. Baskaran Allirajah insists on an ethical, sustainable approach as opposed to profiteering in business practices of the group and this has led to the expansion of the user base for the various products.

With the firm belief that communication in the 21st century should be simpler and cheaper, Baskaran Allirajah now aims to improve solutions available in business communications also. The entrepreneur in him pushes on in search of newer visions and challenges.

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