Buy American Sweets for Your Party’s Candy Buffet

Who wouldn’t smile at the sight of a beautiful table covered with lots of candy? If you have an upcoming wedding, birthday, sorority party, office party, or other special event, you may want to buy American sweets to create a candy buffet that not only complements the theme and decor of your event, but also provides your guests with a distinct party favour. A candy buffet almost always serves as both a dazzling party decoration and a delicious gift that your guests can take home.

Why should you consider having a candy buffet?

To begin with, everyone loves edible decorations, and this fact has made candy buffets a new party trend. A candy buffet gives you a buffet table, a centrepiece, and a place where people can stand and interact all in one. When used as a centrepiece, the wide variety of sweets on the market will give you a magnificent candy display that you can creatively select to match your event’s colours and themes. In addition, your guests will have an opportunity to create their own party favour by selecting their favourite sweets, instead of taking home a boring bag full of basic stuff.

Can they be used with all events?

Candy buffets are great for everyone and every event. People young and old love sweets, and the combination of colour and sweetness can be appropriate for nearly all events, including baby showers, wedding receptions, sports parties, corporate events, and other joyful occasions.

What do you need to make a candy buffet?

You can get an event planner to do it for you, but this is not necessary as you can do it yourself at home. What is important is that you plan and stick to your budget, so you have enough time to buy American sweets and get them shipped to you before your event.


Where do you start?

Phase 1: Planning

You should start by identifying the theme of your party: Christmas party, New Year’s Eve party, wedding party, baby shower, or birthday party. Look for colour ideas from places like Pinterest, and then determine how much of your budget you want to spend on the candy buffet. Buy a wide variety of sweets so people have a broad selection from which to choose, and stick to your colour scheme.

Phase 2: Style and Design

For your candy buffet to have an impact, you should focus on your display. You may want to include wall decorations, such as streamer banners, ribbons, posters, or picture frames to create a complete look. Find the right sizes for tables and jars (depending on the number of guests), use signs and labels for easy identification, include scoops and tongs for unwrapped candy, and get matching favour bags.

Another useful tip is to do as much as you can beforehand to avoid being stressed out on the event day. Buy American sweets early enough so they are shipped in time, and give yourself at least two hours before the event starts to arrange your candy display.

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