How to Get Free Web Hosting

Almost everyone is on the World Wide Web these days, from mothers sharing their favorite recipes on their blogs to kids who play their favorite online games and youngsters who love to keep up with their peers on Facebook. So if you want your business to grow, then take the plunge and set up your own website now.

But what might put you off is the cost that comes with setting up a website. Now the good news is that there are actually free web hosting services that you can take advantage of. This is ideal for small companies that are new to the ecommerce industry and do not have that much funds to invest on expensive web hosting fees. The free hosting is also recommended for individuals who want to create their own personal website or blog. Here’s how to get the free web hosting services (or cheap pay monthly hosting, which is even better quality –

Check with your Internet Service Provider

There are some Internet service providers that will offer a free website along with your service subscription. A lot of times, the company that will connect you to the World Wide Web will not only give you lots of email addresses along with your account, but will also provide you with a space in the web.

If your provider offers free web hosting, then gather all the specifics of such deal. Find out what is included with it and how you can take advantage of it. But then again, since it is free, you cannot expect sophisticated features and you might only have a limited space.

Look for Free Web Hosting Companies

There are lots of web hosting companies online that offer free hosting services. Among these are the Bravenet, FreeWebs, as well as Geocities via Yahoo. But before you decide to sign up, find out exactly what services you will get for free. There are instances that you will get a page on the host’s huge directory of websites for free. But if you want to have your own domain name, then be prepared to pay. There are also times wherein both the domain name as well as the hosting services will be offered for free, but for a limited trial period only.  To get better reliability, try cheap monthly hosting instead –

Sign Up on Social Network Sites

For individuals who simply want to create a personal website, check out some of those popular social network sites, such as Facebook. The website offers you your own space online for personal use and you can personalize your profile that includes information that you want to share to the public. If you want a professional website for business purposes, then this option may not be for you.

Things to Keep In Mind

Remember that you cannot expect to enjoy highly sophisticated services from those free web hosting services. Usually, these free sites have no technical support and are not as reliable as the paid web hosting companies. So if your website will crash, then you just have to deal with it on your own. Furthermore, you might also end up with low security protection on your site and you could receive a lot of spam emails by signing up for these sites.

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