Three Types of SSL Certificates and their Uses

An SSL certificate is that data file that makes use of cryptography in securing a website, including all the data saved in there. In this day and age, digital protection and security are very important. Every day, we carry out and exchange all sorts of information in the World Wide Web and if this information will be leaked to criminals, you will certainly be in serious trouble.   This site can be of help to learn more about SSL certs Р

It is for this reason why websites must have SSL Certificates. There are three main types of SSL Certificates and these are the domain validation, extended validation and organizational validation. Read on to find out more about them, as well as their uses here –

Domain Validation

The domain validation type of SSL Certificate has a less rigorous procedure when it comes to the validation process. It is only the applicant’s name and contact information that will be checked and verified for the data that got entered during the registration process. The legitimate factor will not be checked, and thus, this is only ideal for websites that do not deal with secure information and sensitive data. The domain validation is tied directly to the website’s domain name and therefore, it assures users of its authenticity, although it will not have any browser warnings.

Extended Validation

The extended validation is the first SSL certificate that stringently follows the industry guidelines when it comes to the verification of the organization or company. The process of application and validation is very meticulous and each and every credential will be carefully examined and verified.

For websites that make use of this protocol, the best way to ensure if the website is protected or not is to refer to the browser navigation window. If the website is green, then this means that it is safe. If it becomes red, then it can be dangerous or risky to browse the site. The extended validation SSL Certificate helps to maintain a high level of assurance standard by verifying the authenticity of the website owner.

Organizational Validation

When it comes to the organizational validation type of SSL Certificate, the legitimacy of the website owner will be carefully checked. This kind of validation will follow a strict procedure and that it will verify practically all kinds of information regarding the business. This is an excellent choice for online businesses that deal with extremely confidential information, such as banks and financial institutions.

Remember that data security method should be implemented by companies that run businesses online. This will not only protect the business, but the customers as well. By installing SSL Certificates, online fraud will be minimized and identity theft will be greatly avoided.

There may be some companies out there that offer free SSL Certificates, but these certificates cannot provide you with a high level of security. Online entrepreneurs must invest on the best SSL Certificates for their company if they want to succeed in the industry of ecommerce. Remember that if one of your customers will be victimized with fraud when shopping on your site, this can greatly tarnish your reputation.

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