Pavana Perfekt

This toner is simply the best herbal product on the market for diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and even sun damage. We promise that you will have visibly smoother, softer skin in just four weeks.

Pavana Perfekt is that unique product that can help you have almost all the benefits of a filler, while still being gentle on your skin. Pavana Perfekt is infused with our patented blend of herbal extracts and super low-molecular-weight hyaluron.

How it Works: The herbal extracts in Pavana will feed your skin important nutrients to get it back to health while the super low-molecular-weight hylauron will penetrate your skin and act as a sponge to help retain moisture.

What is Hyaluron? Why Do I Need It?

Hyaluron is a polysaccharide (sugar) that naturally occurs in body tissues. It is a powerful humectrant that keeps moisture in your skin. It also decreases as we get older and skin aging is associated with loss of skin moisture. The key molecule involved in skin moisture is hyaluronan * It is a clinically proven ingredient that will have immediate results when used at the proper low-molecular weight. It is possibly the most effective and significant discovery for skin restoration in decades. Please see below for links to these studies.

Scientific studies have proven that only hyaluron below 10,000daltons molecular weight will penetrate below the epidermis and truly be effective.Higher weight material will sit on the surface of the skin and ultimately be washed off. Lower weight hyaluronic acid will stay in your skin and keep working for up to 72 hours.


Published studies show that low weight hyaluron increase your skin’s self-defense by inducing the activation of keratinocytes,+ There is also published work that links low weight hyaluron to visible improvement in the treatment of rosacea.**

Pavana Perfekt contains the necessary very low-molecular-weight Hyaluron (< 10,000 ) that is the key to achieving the best results. This is a plant based ingredient that you will be incredibly happy to have in your anti-aging arsenal.

Our herbal extracts, combined with super low-weight-hyaluron make a spray that you will simply not be able to be without. Your skin will look better the first time you use Pavana Perfekt and the rave reviews you receive from family and friends will leave you positively giddy.

+ – Increases skin self defense:+

* – Hyaluron key molecule in skin aging


This study shows that using low weight HA improves rosacea by 47.5%.

Through visual grading assessments, hyaluronic acid sodium salt cream 0.2% was shown to improve the provider global assessment by 47.5 percent from baseline to week 4.”

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