Sinus tumor symptoms

Sinus tumor is a cancerous or benign tumor that appears in the sinuses. This tumor is incapable to spread to another part of the body. Usually, it is quite slow growing. Sometimes, there might be malignant sinus tumor symptoms, but they are rather rare. This type of tumor is often diagnosed late as early symptoms are similar to those that are specific for chronic and acute sinus infections.

Symptoms of sinus tumor

There are almost any symptoms that may indicate this disease. However, some symptoms that last for a long time may specify that a patient has a tumor in sinus cavity. Thus, tumor in sinus cavities symptoms may be identified by:

  •  Severe pain that appears in the nose, cheekbones, forehead, or around the ears or eyes;
  •  Double vision;
  •  Persistent nosebleeds;
  •  Decreased sense of taste and smell;
  •  Nasal congestion that does not disappear for a long time;
  •  Appearance of a growth in the nose, neck, or face;
  •  Post-nasal drip at the back of the throat;
  •  Decreased ability to hear;
  •  Experiencing difficulty opening the mouth;
  •  Eyes often become runny.

Types of sinus cavity tumor

There are different types of this disease that depend upon its location within the head. Thereby, there can be distinguished such types of this cancer as:

  •  Maxillary sinus tumor – there might appear swelling under the eye or in the cheek;
  •  Sphenoid sinus tumor – swelling may appear at the center of the skull base, where the ethmoid sinuses are located. A tumor may push the nasal cavity that causes a blockage;
  •  Cavernous sinus tumor – there might be affected a blood-filled space on either side of the skull. It leads to brain compression and seizures;


Also, there might be endodermal sinus tumor that includes specific endodermal cells. These endodermal cells may be indicated in tumor tissue, cerebrospinal fluid, serum, urine, and sometimes, in amniotic fluid. This tumor is, usually, benign for children, but malignant for adults.

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