Are You Prepared for the Rise of M-commerce?

Mobile commerce is said to be the next big revolution in the online retail industry, or more precisely, it is already happening. Mobile commerce accounted for 15% of global eCommerce in 2013, however, it is estimated that by 2018 the percentage will double and M-commerce will account for one third of all online retail activity. Moreover, mobile devices are commonly used to research products: 59% of smartphone users and 65% of tablet users are researching products on their devices. Is your online business well prepared for the upcoming changes? Check the following points:

Is your website responsive?

Responsive design is the best solution to ensure that your online store can be accessed on different types of mobile devices (and desktop computers too). It is a practical solution also because you do not have to consider different platforms separately – the same design will work on different kinds of smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. If your online store was created based on a specific template, check whether the template is responsive.

Are your products presented in a mobile friendly way?

When you are planning your Magento web design, do not forget about a mobile friendly navigation. Make sure that your sliders are finger friendly and all buttons on your website can be easily tapped. Remember to keep an extra space between buttons and links, which are placed next to each other on one page. This will help your customers avoid accidental tapping on a wrong button.

Have you optimized your SEO for mobile users?

Although you do not have to change your search engine optimization strategy for mobile devices, there are certain advantages of including the mobile perspective in your SEO campaign. This is especially true for local businesses and brick-and-mortar stores. Contact your search engine optimization experts to discuss this matter more thoroughly.

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