Strawberry Global Technology: IT Support And Managed Services In London

In today’s digitally guided world, running a business means interfacing with lots of different technology. No matter what kind of business you run, you will likely have at least a computer to help handle your accounting and other matters. And, if you run a successful small or medium-sized business, you’ll probably have several computers, maybe even a server or two, a small network, a phone system, and all sorts of peripheral equipment. Bigger businesses also tend to have much larger technological back ends, all of which can amount to entire data centres and huge labyrinth server rooms to handle networks for call centres and other highly involved tasks.

No matter the size or type of business you run, technology is available to make your day-to-day operations more streamlined, keep your numbers straight, improve overall efficiency, and potentially boost your employees’ productivity. Technology should work for you. However, many business owners encounter problems when they suddenly find themselves in the opposite predicament: working for their technology. It can’t be expected for a modern entrepreneur, savvy business owner, or high-ranking executive to juggle all the challenges of every last detail of the business and be a full-time system administrator at the same time. As a result, it is commonplace for businesses to maintain a dedicated IT staff or hire a third party contractor to handle their technological demands. When equipment requires frequent maintenance, updating, and configuration changes, and when there are many other tech details to keep straight, it’s essential to have professional, expert help on hand.

 Strawberry Global is here to help

You Manage Your Business, Strawberry Global Manages Your Technology

Strawberry Global Technology is a dedicated group of professional technology experts who specialise in working with businesses to maintain technology installations. They work with all sorts of office technology, ranging from small networks to massive data centres. Offering flexible services, Strawberry Global is happy to help your business with a single consultation, a one-off job, or by becoming the dedicated managers of your entire IT department.

Strawberry Global has provided support and maintenance services for over 15 years, and has a well-trained and well-tested team of technology experts with expertise in a long list of technologies. They offer month-to-month contracts that feature full access to their IT professionals, as well as on-site support, maintenance, and installations. If you’re looking to dispense with your own IT staff entirely and outsource your projects to Strawberry Global, their Managed Services provide world-class support, maintenance, and security services, all of which allow you to completely let go of the reins of your infrastructure and allow Strawberry Global to manage everything.

If you want them to take it from the earliest stages, their installation services are perfect when paired with a managed services package. This allows you to have your system 100% installed, configured, and maintained by the experts at Strawberry Global.

Total Peace Of Mind For Business Owners

From backing up your data to securing your network from malicious threats, Strawberry Global is always on the lookout for advancements in technology, new security threats, and any other developments that might impact their clients’ systems. Contact Strawberry Global today for the best IT support in London and other areas across the UK.

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