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Youtube is the biggest Video sharing website and is ahead of other similar sites by a wide margin. The problem with youtube is that it doesnt has a repeat button. So if you want to continuously play a video in youtube then you cannot do it. You will have to replay your favourite track each time its end it. It spoils the party. And creating and managing playlist is also cumbersome. you will have to create an account and login everytime to create a playlist. You cannot add videos to it on the go. Whenever you search for a video then the page gets refreshed and the currently playing video is gone. So all in all the interface of youtube is not very user friendly.

You can repeat youtube videos using . It is a very light weight youtube interface where you can quickly make playlist of youtube videos on the go. You can add videos to playlist by searching like you do on youtube. You can move videos up and down the playlist, delete the videos from the playlist. You can repeat one video or repeat complete playlist. You dont have to sign up or anything for creating the playlist. You can search for a video even while your video is playing i.e. there is no page refresh. You can also add videos to playlist by using the youtube url of the video.

Your playlist will be saved in session and will reopen when you will visit the site again.

Also is a hell lot faster than any other youtube repeat website, and has more user friendly interface than them.

So have fun using and if have any suggestion to make it better, feel free to post to the official facebook page

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