Flitto Translator App Review

Flitto is an app that enables one to get accurate and fast translation for a very small charge. It helps to translate 17 languages, among these French, Chinese and English. One is able to translate or acquire a translation. It enables a user to translate, get money, earn points, have fun and assist others while at it. One can also read Facebook posts and Tweets of Kpop Stars such as Big bang, Super Junior, EXO and SNSD among many others. It enables one to read fan art and web comics that are funny in their own language, which is pretty nifty for an app.

It is compatible with an iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone and is also optimized by the latter. It allows users to write, take pictures, upload images or record what they would want to have translated. There are over 3 million other users who are ever ready and willing to assist with translations. Real individuals carry out all translations. When one translates voice recordings, images or texts they are able to earn points. One is able to translate Instagram, Weibo, and Facebook and Twitter posts from Kpop stars. One can earn money by exchanging their points.

The Flitto translator app has a store from which one can shop for drinks, food, gift cards, accessories, gifts and so much more. It supports languages such as Turkish, Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, German, Arabic and Spanish. What makes Flitto stand out is that it is quite fast and it also caters to a wide variety of audiences who speak different languages. It enables reading of content in ones language and has been commended by many stars such as Paulo Coelho and Gangnam Style Psy just to mention but a few. It provides an equal platform for equal translation globally.

It makes relaying and accessing of information even easier since one only has to get a translation for whatever they would want to understand. It is very functional and it works best for those who like to follow up on their favorite stars that don’t speak in their languages. It has made social media use even easier. One can access online deals and useful information that is posted in foreign languages. It’s available on Apple and Android stores and it connects different people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. In this way learning of new languages and making of discoveries is also promoted.

Download the app from the iTunes Store here – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flitto-fast-best-translator/id493235942?mt=8

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