Zimly: the Ultimate Home Media Cloud review

What is Zimly? Simply put, Zimly is a media cloud service for your home. One of the best ones out there to all your media needs. The main idea for creation of this app was to make it possible for you to stream or play any content from your computer to your Chomecast or your mobile device.

Basically what this app allows you to do is to listen to your music and to watch the videos from your PC on your mobile device. You can organize your content by creating folders, playlists etc. You can even connect it with Chromecast and send your music and videos from your computer to the big HD screen TV! One of important features that Zimly’s has is beautiful and simple user interface along with the great design that provides remarkable user experience.

The app itself is pretty direct and easy to use, but here is also a pretty well explained tutorial for your needs. Organization itself and the layout of the media are what makes it pretty enjoyable to play any of your PC stored favorite files. Also, this app isn’t just a for media stream but for playback of any media that you currently have your mobile device, too. So you have a media player of all the content on your mobile device and PC!

Without any delay you can now watch your personal videos on your phone in High Definition. There is an auto conversion included. Also, there is no need for downloading the file. However, if you want to play any of your files later, simply download it from your computer to the mobile device and save it. Everything is wireless, of course.

What is needed to make the app start working is to first download and then install Zimly for MAC or Windows. There is no any complicated network settings and manual adjusting. When you have finished installing, setup between the two will be required. It is easy to do using a PIN or Google/Facebook sign in process. All of this can be done very easily and quite fast, too.

What really makes Zimly stand out are his great all-in-one design, user friendly interface and version both for Android and iOS. To make it clear – Zimly is a great app, very straightforward to use. If you are looking for a way to play of stream from your PC, try Zimly, it has what to offer.

Download Zimly from App Store

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