Magic spells

There are various kinds of magic spells and the good thing is that most of these are easy magic spells that really work. One of these are Enchanting spells. You can say these are some sort of mild love spells which are cast to make yourself enchanted or attracted to others. One of them is love spell in New Moon.

To do the spell, you would need silk (3 strands), your hair, red wine, red pitcher, olive oil, red thread, red pen, onion peel and matches. It is one of those magic spells that work instantly and must be cast on a Friday New Moon night. You would have to weave silk and hair together and while weaving chant the spell. It would be about weaving your fate with your crush’s fate. Now, roll everything into a nice ball & hold it in between the palms to warm it up with your body heat. Straighten onion peel on a table & write his name with red marker. Then, draw a heart around it. Next, wrap your ball husks & tie it up with red thread. Then, attach it right to that heart drawn. Now, burn the entire bundle and while doing so keep on thinking about your crush. As you get the ashes, collect them in your jar. Pour some olive oil & place it under the bed. At Full Moon, dip your left thumb into the oil & grease the glass edge with it. Pour in red wine & serve the whole thing to him with love.

The other magic spells are friendship spells, cure spells, diet spells, defense spells, baby spells and so on. One of the major magic spells are fertility spells. These are spells which will mostly help to promote or prevent conception. One among the great fertility spells that work is the one which will help you to get pregnant. This spell is for couples who are trying almost every means to be a parent but are unable to due to some unknown reason.

The spell here is a prayer to Demeter where you will pray to Him to make you pregnant immediately with a happy healthy baby. You won’t need any external resources to cast the spell and the only things you would need here are the right chant, your will power, faith and positive energy. Most of these are free magic spells and are easily available online.

But then, this is to mention that you also have black spells of magic which are meant to harm people. These are dangerous spells and have to be practiced with utmost caution as any problem here would mean a backfire effect on the caster only. Some of these are death spells, nightmare spells, revenge spells and so on.

However, if you are not confident enough to cast these spells all by yourself, you can always go for the spell casters that cast spells for free. Most of them have their websites online so that you can contact them easily.

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