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Benefits of CMMS Preventive Maintenance in a Hotel Setting

Many financial challenges being faced by businesses in the hotel sector have been brought about by the aging assets and the declining profit margins. Many hotel owners aren’t aware that you can actually use a software, Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS), to minimize these effects and eliminate cash drain. When a CMMS is implemented in a hotel, it helps increase efficiency by cutting down on expenditures and lowering labor costs while increasing energy efficiency hence making a hotel more competitive.

Assets need to be maintained properly over the course of their lifetime. As the asset grows older, the need for maintenance also increases drastically. This is because some of the parts become old and need immediate replacement or repairs. Hotels that do have more assets will end up spending more on repairs and preventive maintenance. The hotel management normally finds itself conducting preventive maintenance since the staff was too busy engaged in other repair work or they believe regular maintenance is a waste of money.

Maintenance services can be streamlined using the CMMS software to make the practice more efficient. Normally, a struggling hotel operation is the main cause of deferred maintenance. Deferred maintenance can be caused by lack of enough staff or lack of a means of detecting when an equipment needs to be maintained. As a result, some equipment may end up breaking down hence lead to cash drain in repair or acquiring a new one yet maintenance repairs could have been done earlier to prevent this issue. A problem that could have been solved easily had the company been using CMMS software.

With the CMMS, assets in the hotel will be regularly scheduled for maintenance and inspections effortlessly. This is because the system normally creates a central database featuring all the assets of a hotel making it easier to track maintenance processes from the beginning to completion. Automation in equipment management enables more work to be carried out using fewer resources. Besides, you can easily check the state of a given equipment and know when maintenance needs to be done.

Hotels normally have to pay overtime in equipment servicing due to unexpected breakdowns that make employees work outside the normal hours. The CMMS enables the management to conduct regular maintenance and planned inspections hence preventing such occurrences of breakdowns. The software uses an intelligent scheduling method that ensures equipment is services at the right time. Since problems with equipment will be addressed long before the entire equipment breaks down, the hotel cuts down on expenses that could have been spent on repairs. With the software in the hotel, there will be no employees working overtime to fix emergencies hence a reduction in overtime pay.
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