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How to Stop Flea Infestations The one thing that is a bother to most pet owners, especially dog owners, is the infestation of fleas, ticks, and other parasitic hosts. They have been realized to be the cause of some health problems and concerns for these pets. These hosts, especially fleas, are tough to get rid of. Once they infest your dog, they then proceed to lay hundreds of new eggs a day. Choosing the right flea medicine and prevention methods can see to it that these parasites are done away with for good. To eradicate their infestation, it is good to understand how these parasites thrive. There life cycles include the egg, larva, pupa, and adult stages. They locate a host, in this case, your beloved canine friend, and feed on their blood, enabling them to lay eggs. After laying their eggs, these will fall off the dog and hatch whenever they happen to land. Such areas are mostly places your dog inhabits, like your carpet, its bedding, your couch, and clothes. They will hatch into the next stage of larvae, followed by pupae, then eventually into adult fleas. Due to their proximity, they will use your dog as food source by taking its blood. Introducing the right dog flea medication will arrest the life cycle of fleas, thus eradicating any further spread of eggs all over your home. There are different types of dog flea medicine, each with a unique way in which they tackle this flea life cycle problem. There are those who destroy the egg larvae or adult fleas, while others will disrupt their entire life cycle. There are different ways of giving the said medications. Some are presented as oral pills while others are a liquid medicine that is applied topically. You are therefore presented with the choice of the most suitable to your needs. Careful selection will ensure the right medicine is used the first time. Keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. Elimination of these parasites is the harder option.
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There are guidelines that will help in the administering of the medication. Some medicines kill them, while others stop the life cycle. Choose whoever works best for your situation, or both when you find yourself not sure, just to cover all possibilities.
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Start prevention exercises early to stop their spreading. The earlier, the better chance you have. You can buy a flea collar which stops the eggs from hatching. The moment you notice your dog scratching itself aggressively, take it as a sign to do something before it is too late. If oral medication doesn’t work for your pet, the liquid one should work. They will find it through their water. Vacuum the area your pet normally is in and throw the bag, or vacuum flea powder into it immediately. Ask your vet for guidance on the problem. When administering the medicine, follow the guidelines correctly. Missing a few steps or changing them could alter the intended outcome of the application. Fleas have terrible effects on you and your pet, and can greatly harm its health. Finding the correct dog flea medicine will protect your pet’s health, while giving you peace of mind.

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