Should Bloggers Use Twitter?

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There is something of an unspoken feud between traditional bloggers—those who flex their writing muscles on sites like BlogSpot and wordpress—and bloggers who utilize micro-blogging tools like Twitter. With its brief word count limit, Twitter is hardly the place for long discussions, posts chock full of images, or much more than brief comments, questions, and link sharing. But should traditional bloggers really be shunning Twitter? There is evidence that Twitter, despite its wrodcount limitations, can actually be a great tool for bloggers—and for multiple reasons, too.

Twitter can be an exceptional promotional tool. Think about the millions of Twitter users who “tweet’ every day—that makes millions of potential viewers who can be exposed to a blog, or even stores or products or companies. Bloggers can take advantage of Twitter’s expansive and international user base by creating an account that helps promote their own work.

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