Make Your Business more Secure with the TR10

Many businesses require solutions for safety and security that go well beyond the basic type of screening devices. These types of devices need to be reliable as well as affordable systems, and they need to be ready for a business to use without too much effort. Today’s businesses need systems that are self-contained so that they make security highly efficient. Your business and your employees need to be protected from a variety of threats, and you need to have a special tool that can handle the screening. The TR10 is a scanner that is designed for today’s businesses and has the ability to fully scan a variety of items.

Todd Research is an innovative company that understands the importance of security. That is why they created the TR10, a small desktop cabinet scanner. This is a compact and freestanding device that can take care of all of your security needs and ensure that your business is safe. This device can be used for screening a variety of items including handbags, parcels and letters.

The TR10 is a device that takes the guesswork out of scanning. Now you can have the solution for your company’s security needs taken care of in a single and compact unit. The device does not take up a lot of space and is able to be placed in an area out of the way so that it is inconspicuous but at the same time still handy and accessible. This is ideal when space is limited but security is paramount. Scanning items is something that many businesses do not do but should strongly consider.

This device is able to punch above its weight to provide an effective solution for your company’s security needs. Your company can rely upon a system that is designed to suit your business and provide the insurance that you need of the x-ray eye solution. This is one way to scan a variety of packages and other items that are carried in by people into your business or building, hence providing important pre-screening and ensuring that your building is safe.

The TR10 has easy push-button control operation. Simple operation means that any staff person can be trained to use the machine. A quick lesson in using the machine is all that is needed to get your staff people up to speed and ready to screen people who are entering your building. The full colour 19-inch TFT screen provides all of the information that is needed by the operator. The fact that this machine is quick and easy to use makes it highly sought after.

Another important feature of the TR10 is the EPD option, which is Optional Enhanced Powder detection. This can be critical when your business might be exposed to threats of terrorism involving powdered substances that can be found inside of packages or envelopes. You can prevent accidents and tragedy and screen everything that comes into your place of business with this device. Prevention is always better than the regret of compromised security.

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