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It would appear that everybody is doing it! Well, okay, not everybody, but certainly lots of brands, celebrities, politicians and companies have been found out – okay, so Lady Gaga might have 30+ million twitter followers but how many of them are real and how many of them are bought and paid for? It would appear that rather than building up a legitimate twitter following they have decided to buy twitter followers to make them look even more popular and worthwhile than they really are.

There is a lot of kudos these days in how many followers, likes and friends you have on different social media sites. The more friends you have, the more followers you have and the more likes you have the more credible is your social media profile and the more popular and powerful you are deemed to be. Although some people may frown upon those who choose to buy twitter followers there are some very real benefits to it.

People who buy twitter followers do so because it is quite simply the quickest and easiest method of increasing their credibility and/or their status as an expert right across the board in whatever their particular industry may be. Increasing your number of twitter followers can substantially increase your marketing power, it makes people sit up and take notice.
Marketers and business people know that these days they’ve got to take advantage of every marketing advantage they can possibly think of and if they don’t then it won’t be long before somebody else beats them to the prize whilst they are left wondering how it all happened. The people who choose to buy twitter followers know that it is a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way of jacking up their online status as an expert.

People like experts, it has been scientifically proved that we are more likely to trust someone who other people trust – human beings are predisposed to like, trust and to believe people who other people like, trust and believe – the people that they deem to be experts in their field. Increasing the number of twitter followers you have tells the rest of the world that you are popular, people trust you and they believe in you because you are an expert.

A handful of organic twitter followers is okay for starters but nobody is going to really sit up and take notice of an expert with 12 followers – if you were to buy a few more twitter followers it can make a big difference. Would you believe a marketing guru with 15 followers or a marketing guru with 5000 twitter followers – do you see how it works?

Anyone who chooses to purchase twitter followers legit is really taking a shortcut to success. Genuine, organic twitter followers are much more likely to follow the crowd if the crowd is large enough. The decision to buy twitter followers could just be the most important marketing decision you’ve made in a long time and can really help to jump start your online status as an expert in your chosen field.

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